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IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-856-4305 Informatics Undergraduate Office  INFO EAST 100
812-856-1802 Informatics Graduate Office  INFO WEST 233
812-856-1995 Fax  - Informatics
812-855-6487 Computer Science Graduate Office  LINDLEY HALL 215
812-855-4829 Fax  - Computer Science
812-855-2018 Information & Library Science  WELLS LIBRARY 011
812-856-6166 Fax   -Information & Library Science
812-856-1079 Dean  Acharya, Raj INFO EAST 210
812-856-1079 Dean's Administrative Assistant  Taylor-Norbu, Terry INFO EAST 210
812-856-0703 Interim Assistant Dean for Diversity and Education  Warren, Lamara INFO EAST 218
812-856-0743 Assistant Dean of Development  Bewley, Tom INFO EAST 238
812-856-7977 Assistant Dean of Research  Barnas, Martina 321 Woodlawn
812-855-3250 Associate Dean for Graduate Studies  Rosenbaum, Howard WELLS LIBRARY 005B
812-855-5886 Associate Dean for Academic Programs  Haghverdi, Esfandiar INFO EAST 216
812-856-9751 CS Administrator & Director of Faculty Administration  Brown, Benita LINDLEY HALL 215B
812-855-3668 Chair of Computer Science  Sabry, Amr LINDLEY HALL 230C
812-856-5803 Chair of Informatics  Stolterman, Erik INFO EAST 226A
812-855-3205 Chair of Information & Library Science  Day, Ronald WELLS LIBRARY 011
812-855-9756 Executive Associate Dean  Leake, David INFO WEST 203
812-856-3143 Senior Director of Administration & Finance  Tweedie, John INFO EAST 242
812-856-6091 Senior Director of Planning & Communications  Shea, Jim INFO EAST 210B
Computer Science Faculty Administration
812-855-4341 Administrative Secretary  Reed, Laura LINDLEY HALL 215
812-855-6488 Computer Science Chair Assistant & Payroll Associate  Curtis, Becky LINDLEY HALL 205B
812-855-5329 Faculty Secretary - Lindley Hall & Computer Science Programs  Mikolon, Lynne LINDLEY HALL 215
Informatics Faculty Administration
812-856-1861 Faculty Secretary - Informatics West & Informatics Program  Nicholson, Jennifer INFO WEST 102
812-856-1114 Informatics Administrator  Dompke, Michele INFO EAST 226
812-856-1888 Associate Director of Administration & Finance  Pike, Christi INFO EAST 234
812-856-0156 Accounting Associate  Martindale, Tami INFO EAST 233
812-855-7269 Assistant Director of Administration & Finance  Meyer, Jessica INFO EAST 200
812-855-2236 Event Planner  Clancy, Jill INFO EAST 237
SoIC Research
812-856-3106 Director of SoIC Research Administration  Curvin, Cindy INFO EAST 236
812-855-3703 Assistant Director of Contract & Grant Administration  Phillips, Jill INFO EAST 235
812-856-5056 Accounting & Financial Support Specialist  Holbrook, Tara INFO EAST 318
812-856-9661 Assistant Director of Research & Administration  Smith, Charlotte INFO EAST 232
812-855-7241 Director of Computer Science Master's Studies  Siek, Jeremy LINDLEY HALL 230D
Director of Computer Science Ph.D. Studies  Ergun, Funda LINDLEY HALL 430C
812-855-8562 Director of Computer Science Undergraduate Studies  Ye, Yuzhen LINDLEY HALL 301G
812-855-4647 Associate Chair  Pope, Charles LINDLEY HALL 201E
812-856-1862 Director of Computer Science Graduation Admissions  Wang, Xiaofeng LINDLEY HALL 230F
812-856-0703 Interim Assistant Dean for Diversity and Education  Warren, Lamara INFO EAST 218
Serve IT
812-856-1096 Director of Serve IT  Hottell, Matt INFO WEST 118
812-856-7402 Assistant Director of Serve IT  Winterman, Una INFO WEST 120
812-856-1847 Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations  Gallagher, Gina 420 N Walnut 115
812-856-0591 Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Stewardship  Roska, Mary Beth 420 N Walnut 115
812-856-2315 Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations  Goodno, Alan 420 N Walnut 115
812-856-3622 Director of Graduate Administration  Reyes-Cooksey, Patty LINDLEY HALL 225C
812-855-6487 CS Graduate Student Services Specialist  Harris, Rachael LINDLEY HALL 225B
812-855-1135 Admissions Assistant  Davenport, Shawn LINDLEY HALL 225
812-856-1103 Director of Graduate Studies  Siegel, Marty INFO EAST 335B
812-856-1802 Associate Director of Graduate Administration  Hostetter, Linda INFO WEST 233
812-856-3960 Informatics Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Manager  Engel, Cheryl INFO WEST 231
812-855-2666 Admissions Coordinator & Recorder  Smith, Stephanie WELLS LIBRARY 011
812-855-3250 Director of MIS  Rosenbaum, Howard WELLS LIBRARY 005B
812-855-3205 Director of MLS  Day, Ron INFO WEST 225
812-855-1490 Director of PhD  Hara, Noriko WELLS LIBRARY 005A
812-856-7214 Director of ILS Graduate Student Services  Tarbell, Corey WELLS LIBRARY 011
812-855-5113 Project Coordinator/Office Manager  Novak, Katie WELLS LIBRARY 011
812-856-0130 Director of IT  Arkins, Donna INFO WEST 211
812-855-6267 Associate Director of IT  Napier, Mark WELLS LIBRARY 024
812-855-0288 Assistant Director of ILS IT  Gallant, Mike WELLS LIBRARY LI002
812-855-6995 Senior Hardware Engineer  Hess, Caleb LINDLEY HALL 430A
812-856-8014 Senior Software Engineer  Adienge, Erick INFO WEST 223
812-855-6385 Senior Systems Specialist  Henderson, Rob LINDLEY HALL 430D
812-855-6223 Manager of Large Systems - Microsoft  Crohn, Lynne INFO WEST 112
812-855-9691 Manager of ILS UNIX and Web Applications  Cole, David WELLS LIBRARY
812-855-6991 Hardware Support Manager - Mac  Jones, TJ LINDLEY HALL 430B
812-855-0929 Manager of Large Systems  Shei, Bruce LINDLEY HALL 430F
812-855-3249 Manager of Web Development  Wray, Dale INFO WEST 211
812-856-6016 Web Specialist  Brummett, Heather INFO WEST 210
812-856-8309 Accounting Representative / Purchasing Assistant  McAfee, Sarah INFO EAST 231
812-856-1076 Assistant Director of Facilities and Classroom Technology  Cooley, Dave INFO WEST 302
812-856-5818 Associate Director of IT Support  Murray, Scott INFO WEST 013
812-856-5230 Service Desk Manager  Osterholt, George INFO WEST 013
812-856-0931 Manager of Visual Communications & Social Media  Theriault, Tracey INFO EAST 237
812-855-4125 Director of Marketing  Keag, Kelsey INFO WEST 225
812-856-7708 Director of Facilities & Learning Technologies  Toddy, Paul INFO EAST 241
812-856-7977 Director of DSC  Fox, Geoffrey INFO EAST 105
812-856-0484 DSC Project Manager  Miksik, Gary RED HOUSE
812-855-3256 Director of CNS  Borner, Katy WELLS LIBRARY 021
812-856-4597 Director of Crest  Sterling, Thomas IC 106
812-856-0501 CREST Assistant Director  Schmitt, Rebecca IC 108
812-855-8071 Project Manager for A. Lumsdaine  Allen, Kelsey IC 104
812-856-4600 Project Manager for T. Sterling  Upshaw, Amanda IC 204
812-855-8949 Office Assistant  Stern, Jodi IC 104
812-856-4500 Director of Strategic Initiatives  Brown, Travis INFO WEST 300
812-856-3696 Administrative Assistant  Kenny, Karen INFO EAST 222
Academic Operations
812-856-5372 Director of Academic Operations  Deckard, Sally INFO EAST 204
812-856-1321 SoIC Undergraduate Recorder  Knight, Michelle INFO EAST 202
Career Services
812-856-1094 Director of Career Services  Caldwell, Kate INFO EAST 110
812-855-7721 Senior Associate Director of Student Development  Campbell, Kerri INFO EAST 110
812-856-4322 Assistant Director of Career Services  Sackley, Jodie INFO EAST 205
Student Recruiting & Advising
812-855-8625 Director of Undergraduate Recruiting & Advising  Lemons, Nancy INFO EAST 103
812-856-1867 Director of Recruiting  Edwards, Natalie INFO EAST 123
812-855-1502 Academic Advisor  Ali, Shamim INFO EAST 114
812-856-5293 Academic Advisor & Recruiter  Haywood-Smith, Lynda INFO EAST 101
812-855-6038 Academic Advisor  Lynch-Kimery, Melody INFO EAST 104