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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-3875 Information  Memorial Hall E M18
812-855-4432 FAX  -African American & African Diaspora Studies Memorial Hall E M18
812-855-4726 Chair  Valerie Grim Memorial Hall E M29
812-855-3875 Admin Assistant & Graduate Coordinator  Jen Faulk Memorial Hall E M18
812-855-3874 Fiscal Officer  Michael Brooks Memorial Hall E M21
812-855-6270 Undergraduate Advisor  vacant Memorial Hall M25
812-855-0524 Professor & Director of Graduate Studies  Carolyn Calloway-Thomas Memorial Hall E M23
812-855-2248 Professor  Fred McElroy Memorial Hall E M27
812-855-3903 Professor  Jakobi Williams Memorial Hall E M31
812-855-2082 Professor  Maisha Wester Memorial Hall E M20
812-855-4726 Professor  Valerie Grim Memorial Hall E M29
812-855-8079 Professor  Iris Rosa Memorial Hall E M22
812-855-6853 Professor  Iris Rosa NMBCC C-310
812-855-4487 Director African American Choral Ensemble  Dr. Raymond Wise Neal Marshall Black Culture Ctr A310-D
812-855-5828 Director IU Soul Revue  Dr. Tyron Cooper Neal Marshall Black Culture Ctr A310-E