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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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Offices & Services
812-855-9043 Information  Chemistry C115
812-855-8300 FAX  -Chemistry Department Chemistry C115
812-855-6239 Chair  David Giedroc Chemistry C125
812-855-2700 Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies  Kate Reck Chemistry C021F
812-855-2268 Chair's Admin Secretary  Judi Roberts Chemistry C125
812-855-2254 Class Registration & Scheduling  Rebecca Wilson Chemistry C021J
812-855-2240 Director of Business  Amy Van Pelt Chemistry C125
812-855-2069 Director of Graduate Studies  Amar Flood / Bogdan Dragnea Chemistry C121
812-855-8980 Duplicating Service  Robin Nordstrom Chemistry C051
812-855-9043 Facilities Engineer  Jack Baker Chemistry C115
812-855-1192 Undergraduate Laboratory Coordinator and Outreach  James Clark Chemistry C021D
812-855-2068 Graduate Office - Manager  Toni Lady Chemistry C121
812-855-2069 Graduate Office - Admissions  Dalane Anderson Chemistry C121
812-855-2700 Undergraduate Office - Information  Shelly Dodson Chemistry C021
812-855-9452 Library  Roger Beckman Chemistry C003
812-855-9044 Business Office - Payroll  Susie DuMond Chemistry C115
812-855-2246 Personnel Manager  Cheryl Johnson Chemistry C115
812-856-2296 Business Office - Information  Gayla Bradield Chemistry C115
812-855-6104 Business Office - Requisitioning  Linda Cage Chemistry C115
812-855-9572 Storeroom - Information  Jackie Drake Chemistry A031
812-855-3610 Assistant Director of Business  Erin Edwards Chemistry C115
812-855-5145 Director of Undergraduate Laboratories  Norman Dean Chemistry C021C
812-855-6230 Business Office - Grant Specialist  Kristina McReynolds Chemistry C115
812-855-4442 Undergraduate Services Coordinator  Carly Friedman Chemistry C021J
812-855-8063 Lecture Demonstration Technician  Chris Chatelain Chemistry C032
812-856-7863 Lecture Demonstration Technician  Aulaire Schmitz Chemistry C146
Technical Services
812-855-3767 Director of Technical Services  Romualdo de Souza Chemistry A423
812-855-7987 Electronic Instrument Service  John Poehlman Chemistry A407
812-855-7752 Glass Shop  Don Garvin Chemistry A033
812-856-5243 Information Technology - Manager  Brian Crouch Chemistry A701A
812-855-0881 Information Technology - Administrative  Becky Hanson Chemistry A704
812-855-0852 Information Technology - Instructional   Chemistry A701
812-855-8450 Information Technology - Unix Support  Stephen Creps Chemistry A701
812-855-9338 Mass Spectrometry Laboratory  Jonathan Karty Chemistry A416
812-855-7305 Mechanical Instrument Service  Jeremy Boshears Chemistry A019
812-855-6742 Molecular Structure Center  Maren Pink Chemistry A423
812-856-6492 NMR Laboratory  Xinfeng (Frank) Gao Chemistry C237
812-856-7505 Physical Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility  Ardian Wibowo Simon MSB1 005A
812-856-3221 Intermediate Voltage Electron Microscopy Facility  David Morgan Simon MSB1 032