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IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-7498 FAX  Studio Fine Arts 123
812-855-7498 FAX  History of Art Fine Arts 132
812-855-5295 Director  Jawshing Arthur Liou Fine Arts 123
812-855-5255 Assistant Director  Karen Atkins Fine Arts 123
812-855-0695 Computer Support Specialist  Paul Styles Fine Arts 407
812-855-8146 Fiscal Officer - Art History & Studio  Patsy Ek Fine Arts 127
812-855-6637 Fine Arts Shop Coordinator  Vincent Edwards McCalla School
812-855-1333 Friends of Art Bookshop  Colleen McKenna Fine Arts 121
812-855-5300 Friends of Art Office   Fine Arts 125
812-855-8490 Grunwald Gallery Director  Betsy Stirratt Grunwald Gallery 110C
812-855-8490 Grunwald Gallery Associate Director  Jeremy Sweet Grunwald Gallery 110C
812-855-5255 Scheduling Officer  Karen Atkins Fine Arts 123
Studio Art Program
812-855-7766 Department Assistant  Sharon Lindamood Fine Arts 123
812-855-5295 Director  Jawshing Arthur Liou Fine Arts 123
812-855-0214 Budget Coordinator  Jessica Durnal Fine Arts 123
812-855-0188 Graduate Services Coordinator  Erin Kirchhofer Fine Arts 124
812-855-1693 Undergraduate Academic Advisor  Justin Otten Fine Arts 126
History of Art Program
812-855-9556 Department Assistant  Fenella Flinn Fine Arts 132
812-855-9556 Chair  Patrick McNaughton Fine Arts 132
812-855-9390 Budget Coordinator  Alexandria Burlingame Fine Arts 132
812-855-7501 Graduate Advisor  Sarah Bassett Fine Arts 105
812-855-1056 Undergraduate Academic Advisor  Meryl Krieger Fine Arts 136
Fine Arts Library
812-855-3314 Circulation Desk  
812-855-3314 Renewals  
812-855-4596 Reference/Electronic Services  
812-855-4597 Reference (2nd number)  Mary Buechley Fine Arts Library
812-855-5743 Director  Kristina Keogh Fine Arts Library
812-855-4596 Branch Library Coordinator  Edwin Cheek Fine Arts Library