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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-7636 IGS Information 
812-855-2862 FAX - Geological Survey 
812-856-5313 Director & State Geologist  John Steinmetz Geology S-301D
812-855-6446 Assistant Director, Business Affairs  Tisa Bowden Geology S-301B
812-855-4400 Assistant Director, Research  Todd Thompson Geology S-301A
812-855-9583 Assistant Director, Information Technology  Rick Hill Geology S-301C
812-855-7428 Administrative Secretary  DeAnn Reinhart Geology S-309
812-855-2504 Center for Geospatial Data Analysis  Shawn Naylor Geology S-409A
812-855-3951 Contracts and Grants Coordinator  Donna Webb Geology S-109
812-855-1360 Geologic Mapping  Nancy Hasenmueller Geology S-317
812-855-5950 IGS Bookstore  Janis Fox Geology S-103
812-855-9583 Information Technology  Rick Hill Geology S-301C
812-855-7428 Licensing Coordinator  DeAnn Reinhart Geology S-309
812-855-3596 Materials Testing Facility  Drew Packman 915 E 11th St
812-855-1378 Outreach Services  Walter Gray Geology S-105
812-855-1919 Photography and Imaging  Barb Hill Geology S-501
812-855-9199 Subsurface Geology  Charles Zuppann Geology S-125