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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-0362 FAX  Memorial Hall E 234
812-855-5223 Information / Main Office  Corey Williams Memorial Hall E 236
812-856-7248 Administrative Secretary / Scheduling Officer  Janet Fox Memorial Hall E 226
812-855-4184 Fiscal Officer/Department Manager  Lori A McBride Memorial Hall E 239
812-855-5223 Director of Undergraduate Studies  Deborah Christiansen, PhD Memorial Hall E 235
812-855-2564 AMID Administration (at Smith Research Ctr)  Smith Research Center 121
812-855-5223 AMID Chair  Heather Akou, PhD Memorial Hall E 230
812-855-4627 The Elizabeth Sage Historical Costume Collection  Kelly Richardson Smith Research Center 140
812-855-7737 Advisor (Retail Merchandising)  Sheila Maben Memorial Hall E 228
812-855-4315 Advisor (Fashion Design & Interior Design)  J. Meryl Krieger Psychology 229
812-855-6425  C Thomas Mitchell, PhD Smith Research Center 184