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IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-9247 Receptionist, Office Assistant  Marilyn Behrman Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-0901 FAX  - Journalism Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-0570 Journalism Chair  Bonnie Brownlee Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-9249 Executive Assistant / Director, Special Projects  Emily Harrison Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-1714 Director, Undergraduate Advising & Analysis  Lauren Kinzer Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-6138 Undergraduate Academic Advisor  Kate Goldstein Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-1701 Coordinator, Graduate Admissions Services  Josh Bennett Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-1704 Director, Career Services  Marcia Debnam Ernie Pyle 202
812-855-1705 Director, Communications and Media Relations  Anne Kibbler Journalism Annex 201
812-855-5433 Digital Content Manager, Web Editor  Gena Asher Journalism Annex 203
812-856-2804 Director, Creative Strategy  Laura Pence Journalism Annex 203
812-855-9248 Fiscal Assistant, Building Manager  Darla Raines Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-7411 Budget Office Assistant  John Bunde Ernie Pyle 200
812-855-1725 Director, Experiential Education  Audrie Osterman Ernie Pyle 200A
812-855-1710 Director, Multimedia Laboratory  Allen Major Ernie Pyle 152B
812-855-7959 Multimedia Laboratory   Ernie Pyle 157
812-855-1710 Studio Manager  Scott Myrick Ernie Pyle 102A
812-855-9822 Director, High School Journalism Institute  Teresa White Ernie Pyle 215A
812-855-0895 Coordinator, High School Journalism Institute  Linda Johnson Ernie Pyle 215