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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-7995 General Information 
812-855-4765 Admissions Information  Baier 224
812-855-0555 FAX  -School of Law Baier 252A
Office of The Dean
812-855-8885 Dean  Austen Parrish Baier 240
812-856-2826 Executive Assoc Dean, Academic Affairs  Donna Nagy Baier 279
812-856-0631 Associate Dean for Research  Brian Broughman Baier 333
812-855-8884 Assistant to Dean  Denise Malayeri Clerkin Baier 240
812-855-8889 Administrative Secretary  Katy Hunt Baier 240
812-855-4765 Assistant Dean Admissions  Greg Canada Baier 224B
812-855-6027 Director of Admissions Operations  Chrys Ford Baier 224A
812-855-9956 Director of Admissions  Janet L. Hein Baier 224C
812-855-2704 Assistant Director of Admissions  Kendra Abercrombie Baier 224D
812-855-2704 Admissions Coordinator  Holly Barnes Baier 224
Finance and Administration
812-856-4044 Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration  Ken Turchi Baier 240D
812-855-0156 Director of Communications  James Boyd Baier 254
812-855-5116 Director of Finance  Mary Edwards Baier 241
812-855-8887 Business Office Coordinator  Sandy Ault Baier 200
812-855-1578 HR Transactions/Payroll  Sarah Snyder Baier 202
812-855-7534 Assistant Director of Administration  Steve Withem Baier 349
812-855-2870 Systems Coordinator  Randy Sparks Baier 265
812-855-9781 Events Coordinator  Chelsey Willis Browning Baier 240
Student Affairs
812-856-9677 Assistant Dean of Students  Catherine Matthews Baier 024
812-855-7746 Director of Financial Aid  Paul Leopold Baier 024
812-856-2477 Director of Student Affairs  Liz Ferrufino Baier 022A
812-855-1888 Associate Director of Student Affairs / Recorder  Alexis Lanham Baier 022B
812-855-4809 Office Coordinator  Sheila Gerber Baier 022
Career Services Office
812-855-0258 Asst Dean of Career Services  Rachel Dawson Baier 020B
812-855-3028 Director of Career Services  David Main Baier 016B
812-856-2485 Director of Career Services  Debbie Atlas Baier 016C
812-855-3712 Director of Career Services  Alisa Rosales Baier 016D
812-855-8433 Asst Director of Career Services  Kim Bunge Baier 020A
812-855-0258 Office Coordinator of Career Services   Baier 020
International Programs
812-856-5661 Asst Dean of International Programs  Lesley Davis Baier 220C
812-856-0331 Director Graduate Legal Studies  Gabrielle Goodwin Baier 220B
812-856-7217 Director Graduate Admissions  Allison Foust Baier 220A
812-856-0221 Graduate Coordinator  Rhea May Baier 220
812-855-3015 Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations  Andrea Havill 630 E 3rd St
812-855-9953 Director of Stewardship and Special Gifts  Lisa Hosey 630 E 3rd St
812-856-2793 Director of Annual Giving  Stephanie Coffey 630 E 3rd St
812-856-1246 Director of Development, Major Gifts  Susan Yoon Baier 256
812-855-9993 Director of Development, Major Gifts  Maarten Bout 630 E 3rd St
812-855-5961 Advancement Coordinator  Allyson Gergely 630 E 3rd St
812-855-9700 Alumni and Development Coordinator  Sarah Benson 630 E 3rd St
Law Library
812-855-9666 Information 
812-855-7099 -- Law Library Fax Law Library 101A
812-855-7216 Interim Director  Keith Buckley Law Library 105B
812-855-6613 Interim Assistant Director for Public Services  Ashley Ahlbrand Law Library 105A
812-855-1895 Assistant Director for Technical Services  Nona Watt Law Library 101M
812-855-6404 Circulation Desk   Law Library
812-855-2938 Reference Desk   Law Library
Law School Clinics
812-855-9229 Clinic Main Line  Wendy Myers Lewis Bldg 308
812-855-5912 Clinic Coordinator  Ginnie Phero Lewis Bldg 307
Community Legal Clinic
812-855-9230 Director  Earl Singleton Lewis Bldg 306
Conservation Law Clinic
812-855-0615 Director  William Weeks Lewis 201
812-856-0229 Office Manager  Shelby Hoshaw Lewis 217
Disability Law Clinic
812-855-9809 Director  Carwina Weng Lewis Bldg 301
Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
812-856-2809 Director  Mark Need Lewis Bldg 302
Viola J. Taliaferro Family & Children Mediation Clinic
812-855-8684 Director  Amy Applegate Lewis Bldg 303
Intellectual Property Clinic
812-855-9213 Director  Norm Hedges Lewis Bldg 304
Nonprofit Legal Clinic
812-856-5403 Director  Jennifer Prusak Lewis Bldg 305
Center for Constitutional Democracy
812-856-7372 Center Administrator  Elizabeth Adams 624 E 3rd St
Center on the Global Legal Profession
812-856-5434 Center Coordinator  Lara Gose Baier 254
Center for IP Research
812-856-1197 Administrative Director  Casey Nemecek Baier 304D
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
812-855-8717 Editor-in-Chief   Baier 019
812-855-7272 Journal Coordinator  Rita Eads Baier 252B
Indiana Law Journal
812-856-5161 Editor-in-Chief   Baier 009
812-855-7272 Journal Coordinator  Rita Eads Baier 252B
IP Theory Journal
812-856-1197 Administrative Director  Casey Nemecek Baier 304D
Journal of Law and Social Equality
812-855-5952 Editor-in-Chief   Baier 203
812-855-7272 Journal Coordinator  Rita Eads Baier 252B