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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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LIBRARIES (Reference Services)
812-855-0100 Information  Library E159
812-855-2576 FAX  -Libraries Admin Office (IUB) Library 234
812-855-4673 Circulation & Renewals-Research Collections  Library E164
800-743-3333 Indiana Telecommunications Relay System 
812-855-3403 Ruth Lilly Dean of Univ Libraries  Carolyn Walters Library 234
812-855-3403 Executive Associate Dean  Julie Bobay Library 234
812-855-1481 Associate¬†Dean,¬†Collection¬†Development and Archival Collections  Marion Frank-Wilson Library E363
812-856-4834 Associate Dean, Research and Technology Strategies  Robert McDonald Library 234
812-855-5674 Associate Dean, Technical Services  Mechael Charbonneau Library E350
812-855-4182 Assistant Dean, Advancement  Helene O'Leary Library 234
812-855-3403 Director, Administrative Services  Amy Cope Library 234
812-855-9274 Director, Business Affairs  Mike Noth Library 234
812-856-5407 Director, Human Resources  Jennifer Chaffin Library 201
812-856-4817 Director, Communications  Michelle Crowe Library 234
812-856-4746 Advancement Associate  Julie Ranz Wilson Library 234
812-855-3403 Facilities and Renovation Officer  Jim Champion Library 057
Herman B Wells Library Departmental Offices
812-855-4397 Document Delivery Services  Rita Rogers Library E065
812-855-1665 Government Information, Maps & Microforms  Nicholas Wyant Library 250B
812-855-5988 Libraries Human Resources  Library 201
812-855-4660 Mailroom/Shipping and Receiving  Hugh Barbry Library E062
812-855-1650 Media Services  Monique Threatt Library 044
812-855-5674 Preservation / Conservation  Mechael Charbonneau 851 N Range Rd
812-855-8141 Print Reserves  West Tower First Floor
812-855-8028 Reference & Current Periodicals (East Tower)  Library E159
812-855-1666 Technical Services (Cataloging/Acquisitions)  Library E350
Libraries Financial Services
812-856-4888 Assistant Director, Business Affairs  Katie O'Brien Library 050F
812-855-9342 Accounting Manager  Darla Guinn Library 050F
812-855-2726 Accounting Representative  Denise Humphries Library 050F
812-855-5989 Payroll Transaction Associate  Deborah Howard Library 050F
812-855-1635 Payroll Transaction Associate  Diana Burch Library 050F
812-855-1626 Purchasing Representative  Melissa Harding Library 050F
Library Technologies
812-855-8601 Information Technology Help Desk  Library W501
812-856-4997 Head, Library Technologies Core Svcs  Vern Wilkins Library W501
812-855-0953 Assistant Dean, Library Technologies  Jon Dunn Library W501
Collections / Collection Managers (under 'Research')
School Libraries & Special Collections
812-855-4369 Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center  DeLoice Holliday Neal-Marshall Blk Cltr Ctr A113
812-855-1127 University Archives  Dina Kellams Library E460
812-855-2448 Business/SPEA Information Commons  Christina Sheley SPEA 150
812-855-1957 Business/SPEA Information Commons Circulation  SPEA 150
812-855-5609 Chemistry Library  Jennifer Laherty Chemistry 003
812-855-8590 Education Library  Nicholas Wyant Education 1160
812-856-8592 Education Library Circulation  Education 1160
812-856-8590 Education Library Information  Education 1160
812-856-8595 Education Library Reference  Education 1160
812-855-3060 Kinsey Institute Library  Liana Zhou Morrison Hall 420
812-855-9666 Law Library  Keith Buckley Law Library 101A
812-855-5609 Life Sciences Library  Jennifer Laherty Jordan Hall A304
812-855-2452 Lilly Library  Joel Silver Lilly Library
812-855-2970 Cook Music Library  Philip Ponella Music Library
812-855-8541 Cook Music Library Circulation  Music Library
812-855-8629 Optometry Library   Optometry 202
812-855-1665 Wells Library Map Collection  Nicholas Wyant Library 250B