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IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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Office of the Dean
800 E. Atwater Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405 
812-855-4440 Dean  Joseph Bonanno, OD, PhD Optometry
812-856-2272 Administrative Assistant to the Dean  Jennifer Pemberton Optometry
812-855-8664 FAX 
Associate Deans
812-855-1298 Executive Associate Dean of Academic Affairs  Clifford Brooks, OD Optometry
812-855-3713 Associate Dean of Graduate Programs  Stephen Burns, PhD Optometry
812-856-0108 Associate Dean for Research & Director of the Borish Center for Ophthalmic Research  Pete Kollbaum, OD, PhD  Optometry
812-856-3815 Associate Dean for Fiscal Affairs  Jeff Perotti, OD Optometry
812-855-5446 Associate Dean for Clinical and Patient Care Services  Neil Pence, OD Optometry
812-855-1929 Associate Dean for Students  Kim Kohne, OD Optometry
812-855-0909 Associate Dean for Advancement  Todd Peabody, OD Optometry
812-856-3502 Administrative Secretary to Faculty  Cheryl Oldfield Optometry
812-855-7045 FAX 
Budgetary Admin/Facilities
812-856-3821 Director of Budgetary Planning & Administration/Fiscal Officer  Kevin Collins Optometry
812-855-4475 Manager of Financial Affairs  Christina Lirot Optometry
812-856-4870 Accounting Associate  Angie Marshall Optometry
812-856-6970 Accounting & Grants Associate  Teresa May Optometry
812-855-0481 Accounting & Purchasing Representative  Emily Goodson Optometry
812-855-8664 FAX 
Compliance & Privacy
812-855-3402 Compliance and Privacy Officer  Claire Tempel Optometry
888-236-7542 Indiana University Compliance Hotline  
Director of Development  Vacant Optometry
812-855-0587 Associate Director, Development & Alumni Relations  Lindsay Wimmer Optometry
812-855-6415 Assistant Director of Marketing, Communications and Alumni Relations  Amanda Zuicens-Williams Optometry
812-855-8664 FAX 
Human Resources
812-856-7500 Human Resource Director  Melissa Larsen, PHR Optometry
812-856-0377 HR & Compliance Specialist  Whitney Switzer Optometry
812-855-8664 FAX 
812-855-8629 Library Branch Coordinator  Jason Burton Optometry
812-855-6616 FAX 
Machine Shop
812-855-5201 Manager  Dan Jackson Optometry
Student Administration
812-855-0081 Director of Student Administration  Cindy Vance Optometry
812-855-3242 Associate Director, Recruitment & Student Services  Joseph Boes Optometry
812-855-1060 Associate Director, Recruitment  Kevin Schmidt Optometry
812-856-4247 Associate Director, Financial Aid & Records  Josie Gingrich Optometry
812-856-2272 Graduate Program Administrator  Jennifer Pemberton Optometry
812-855-4947 Information & Reception  Brian Page Optometry
812-855-4389 FAX 
812-855-4786 Director  Jeff Johnson Optometry
812-856-5858 Web Programmer  Rob Pesce Optometry
812-855-3387 Technology Support Specialist  Calen Baker Optometry
812-855-7045 FAX 
Clinical Administration
812-855-5446 Associate Dean for Clinical and Patient Care Services  Neil Pence, OD Optometry
812-855-0909 Director of Continuing Education  Todd Peabody, OD Optometry
812-855-1964 Chief of Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service & Director of Residencies  Don Lyon, OD AECC
812-855-4651 Chief of Cornea and Contact Lens Service  Jason Jedlicka, OD AECC
812-855-1671 Chief of Third Year Primary Care Service  Patricia Henderson, OD AECC
812-855-1344 Chief of Ophthalmic Disease  Brett King, OD AECC
812-855-0831 Chief of Vision Rehabilitation Service & Director of Externships  Elli Kollbaum, OD AECC
317-321-1470 Chief of Indianapolis Eye Care Center  Brad Sutton, OD IECC
Clinic Billing Office
812-856-3624 Manager of Clinic Financial Operations  Jennifer Fisher Optometry
812-856-3985 Manager of Clinic Operations  Jami Stoute Optometry
812-855-6116 FAX  
Optical Lab
812-855-5305 Ophthalmic Finishing Lab Supervising Technician   Sharon Marsh Optometry
812-855-0087 FAX 
Borish Center for Ophthalmic Research
812-855-4093 Information & Reception 
812-856-0108 Director  Pete Kollbaum, OD, PhD Optometry
812-855-5417 FAX 
Atwater Eye Care Center (AECC)
744 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47405  
812-855-8436 Patient Information, Scheduling & Billing 
812-855-1683 FAX 
Indianapolis Eye Care Center (IECC)
501 Indiana Ave, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46202 
317-321-1470 Patient Information, Scheduling & Billing 
317-321-1475 FAX