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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-4613 Information / Executive Secretary  Marcia Pickett Bryan Hall 200
812-855-4613 President  Michael A. McRobbie Bryan Hall 200
812-855-4613 Executive Assistant to the President  Nicole Todd Bryan Hall 200
812-855-8339 Chief of Staff  Karen Adams Bryan Hall 200
812-855-8339 Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff  Debra Neff Bryan Hall 200
812-856-3275 Deputy Chief of Staff  Kelly Kish Bryan Hall 200
812-856-0540 Scheduling Assistant  Vicki Petermichel Bryan Hall 200
812-856-5916 Correspondence Assistant  Sarah Tosick Bryan Hall 200
812-855-0253 Senior Communications Assistant  Greg Buse Bryan Hall 300
812-855-3938 Administrative Specialist  Brittany Santa Bryan Hall 200
317-274-3549 Coordinator of Honors and Awards  Karen Keffer ICTC Building, Suite 500
812-855-7174 Director of Presidential Events  Diane Jung Bryan House
812-855-8456 Director of Presidential Residences  Elaine Finley Bryan House
812-856-7288 Exec Assistant to the Presidential Spouse   Bryan House
812-856-0893 Graduate Assistant  Jon Lozano Bryan Hall 200