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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-7802 FAX  -Public & Environmental Affairs SPEA 159
812-855-0635 Academic Advisors  Amy Bastin, Brandon Boyd, René Henry, Deb Kelly, Emma Lynch, Brett Reardon, Glenda Schulz, Nissy Stetson-Grace SPEA 260
812-855-0770 Graduate Student Records  Barb Macy, Anna Smeltzer SPEA A328
812-856-5386 Undergraduate Student Records  Amanda Peterson SPEA 260G
812-855-1464 Director, Master of Public Affairs Program  Beth Gazley SPEA A319
812-856-2370 Director, Arts Administration Program  Michael Wilkerson SPEA A323
812-855-3836 Director of Graduate Environmental Programs  Vicky Meretsky SPEA A321
812-855-0563 Joint PhD Public Policy/Public Affairs  Sean Nicholson-Crotty SPEA 325
812-855-4953 PhD Environmental Science  Chris Craft SPEA 410
812-855-8690 Overseas Program  Chemain Nanney SPEA 201B
812-855-5655 Online Education and Student Services  Daniel O'Donnell SPEA A309
812-855-2840 Director, Graduate Student Services  Megan Siehl SPEA 260
812-855-1439 Assistant Director, Graduate Student Recruitment  Emily Miller SPEA A303
812-855-0635 Director, Undergraduate Academic Affairs  Andrea Need SPEA 260E
812-855-6774 Director, Undergraduate Program Office  R.J. Woodring SPEA 260F
812-856-2906 Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruiting, Undergraduate Admissions and Engagement  Michael Ryan SPEA 260D
812-855-0635 Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services  Scott Jackman SPEA 240
812-855-3436 Director, Career Services  JT Neuffer SPEA 200B
812-855-2448 Information Commons  Steven Sowell SPEA 150
812-855-7980 Director, Civic Leaders Living Learning Center  Paul Helmke SPEA 447
Office of The Dean
812-855-1432 Dean  John Graham SPEA 300
812-855-5058 Executive Associate Dean  Michael McGuire SPEA 300
812-855-5058 Associate Dean  Kirsten Gronbjerg SPEA 300
812-855-6802 Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations  Lori Garraghty SPEA 320A
812-855-7781 Director, Alumni Relations and Advancement  Alison Polley SPEA 320D
812-856-2300 Director, Human Resources  Anita Herbertz SPEA 310E
812-855-3648 Assistant Director Human Resources/Faculty Records  Becky Neal SPEA 310D
812-855-3713 Director of Finance  Beth McMinn SPEA 320B
812-856-5490 Director of Marketing and Communications  Jim Hanchett SPEA 312C
812-855-5273 Associate Director of Marketing and Communications  Emily Cox SPEA 312
812-856-2840 Web Content Specialist  Mary Jo Spiegel SPEA 312
812-856-5490 Media Relations  Jim Hanchett SPEA 312C
812-855-4837 Computer Services  Chris England SPEA 316C
812-855-9643 Building Services / Duplicating / Mail Room  Chad Sweatman SPEA 159
Environmental Science Programs
812-855-4953 PhD  Chris Craft SPEA 260
812-855-3836 MSES  Vicky Meretsky SPEA A321
812-855-0635 BSES  Todd Royer MSB II
Integrated Program on the Environment
812-855-4953 Director  Jeff White SPEA 443
Transportation Research Center
812-855-3908 Director  David Good 501 S Madison St (47403)
Career Services
812-855-9639 Director  JT Neuffer SPEA 200
Institute for Developmental Strategies
812-855-6766 Director  David Audretsch SPEA 201