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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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SRSC Facility
812-855-8788 Campus Recreational Sports Information Hotline 
812-855-7772 SRSC Information  SRSC 115
812-855-7772 SRSC RB/HB/Squash Reservations  SRSC 115
812-855-7551 FAX  -SRSC SRSC 115
WIC Facility
812-855-2371 WIC Information  WIC 290
812-855-5222 WIC RB/HB/Squash Reservations  WIC 290
812-855-5222 WIC Member Services Suite  WIC 290
812-855-8809 FAX  -WIC WIC 290
812-855-6432 Director  Kathy Bayless WIC 290
812-855-9701 Associate Director  Jackie Puterbaugh SRSC 115
Program Service Units
812-855-3084 Service Director Financial Affairs  Jim Tippin WIC 291
812-855-0726 Service Director for Member Services, Parking and Equipment Operations  Steve Heeter SRSC 115
812-856-1762 Assistant Director for Member Services and Parking Operations  Jim Jamriska SRSC 115
812-855-9654 Service Director Facility Support  John T Pedersen SRSC 115
812-855-2373 Assistant Director Facility Support  Tom Cox WIC 290
812-856-1329 Assistant Director Facility Support  Will Polley SRSC 115
812-856-4816 Assistant Director Facility Support  James O'Donnell SRSC 115
812-855-0244 Assistant Director Capital Projects/ Risk Management  Mike Grannan SRSC 115
812-855-1545 Assistant Director Marketing  Mandy McGhee WIC 390
812-855-0636 Service Director Evaluation, Sponsorship, Special Projects and Events  Chris Geary WIC 290
812-855-9547 Service Director Information Technology  Justin Caldwell SRSC 115
812-855-9617 Principal Programmer and Data Analyst/ Administrator  Jeff Yoder SRSC 115
812-856-3465 Information Systems Analyst  Robert Light SRSC 115
Programming Units
812-855-9798 Program Director  Kellen Edelbrock SRSC 115
812-856-1418 Assistant Director Aquatics Programming  Mark Miller SRSC 115
Fitness Wellness and Informal Sports
812-856-1215 Program Director Fitness Wellness and Informal Sports  Chris Arvin SRSC 115
812-855-9762 Assistant Director Group Exercise  Emily Gartland SRSC 115
812-855-9653 Assistant Director Personal Training and Wellness  Andy Fry SRSC 115
812-855-4622 Assistant Director Informal Sports  Brett Graskewitz SRSC 115
Intramural Sports and Club Sports
812-855-8359 Program Director Intramural Sports, Club Sports and Student Dev  Brad Whittaker WIC 290
812-856-0148 Assistant Director Club and Intramural Sports  Julia Stulock WIC 290
812-855-8209 Assistant Director Intramural Sports  Satoshi Kido WIC 290
812-856-1143 Assistant Director Intramural Sports and Participant Development  Sam Lowry WIC 290
812-855-9819 Program Director Tennis Center  Rebecca Jones IU Tennis Center
812-856-4321 Head Tennis Pro, Co-Director Instruction  Chris Chopra IU Tennis Center
812-855-5751 Assistant Pro Junior Programs  Nick Laskaris IU Tennis Center
812-855-0805 Assistant Pro Adult Programs  Adam Struble IU Tennis Center

812-855-9584 Information  17th St & Fee Lane (Seasonal)
812-855-9524 Manager  17th St & Fee Lane (Seasonal)