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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-8376 Information   GISB West Wing 2nd floor
812-855-4526 Fax  -Spanish & Portuguese
812-855-8498 Chair  Steven Wagschal GISB 2176
812-855-8498 Administrative Assistant  Tracy M Sheets GISB 2166
812-855-9194 Director of Graduate Studies  Patricia Amaral GA 2139
812-855-9194 Graduate Coordinator  Ben Reed GISB West Wing 2nd floor
812-855-8612 Director, Undergraduate Studies  Alejandro Mejias-L√≥pez GISB 2167
812-855-8612 Undergraduate Coordinator / Scheduling Specialist  Karla Allgood GISB West Wing 2nd floor
812-855-1157 Director of Language Instruction  K. Allen Davis GISB 2174
812-856-3118 Academic Advisor  Natalie Techentin GISB 1040