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IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-856-1230 Information  Eigenmann 718
812-856-1206 FAX   -Ctr for Languages of the Central Asian Region Eigenmann 718
812-856-0935 Pashto/Dari Developer  Rahman Arman Eigenmann 715
812-856-1159 Director  Oner Ozcelik Eigenmann 702
812-856-1230 Assistant Director  Dave Baer Eigenmann 718
812-856-0854 Senior Specialist in Afghan Languages  Rakhmon Inomkhojayev Eigenmann 720
812-856-1100 Financial Systems and ICT Specialist  Sukhrob Karimov Eigenmann 710
812-856-3699 Language Instructional Specialist  Amber Kent Eigenmann 709
812-856-0935 Uyghur Language Developer  Niyaz Kurban Eigenmann 715
812-856-3669 Accounting Representative  Froozan Safi Eigenmann 712