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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-856-2769 Information 
812-855-1123 Assistant Vice President  Rozzie Gerstman Bryan Hall 007
812-855-1126 Assistant Vice Provost  Julie Bauters Carmichael 201N
812-855-1252 Campus Budget Consultant  Patti Quimby Bryan Hall 007C
812-856-3737 Executive Secretary & Assistant to BACSA  Vanessa Scott Carmichael 201
812-856-2736 Associate Director, Bloomington Budget Planning and Development  Rhea Freeman Carmichael 201L-A
812-856-2769 Executive Business Center Manager  Vicky Myers Bryan Hall 010
812-856-5501 Fax - Bryan Hall 007  Bryan Hall 007
812-855-6900 IUF / HR / Financial Aid  Glenda Maddox Bryan Hall 003
812-855-0117 AVP Budgetary Administration and Planning  Aimee Heeter Carmichael 201L
812-856-2426 Accounting Representative P-Card  Carol Ball Bryan Hall 007D
812-855-9014 IU Foundation¬†& Scholarship Specialist  Mary Lou Kessler Bryan Hall 003
812-855-8143 Transportation Demand Coordinator & Bicycle Manager  Kevin Whited Carmichael 201K
812-855-8070 Financial Analyst  Donna Carter Carmichael 201D
812-856-9859 Financial Director  Brandon Powell Carmichael 201B
812-855-8678 Special Assistant to VP  T Michael Ford Bryan Hall 003
812-855-2074 Payroll Supervisor  Christina Green Bryan Hall 010
812-855-2897 Associate Director Campus Business Analytics  Chris Puckett Carmichael 201C
RC Fiscal Officer and Director of Shared Services  Marcy Simpson Carmichael 201D