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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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800-258-7691 Toll-Free Information 
812-856-0779 Information 
812-855-0175 Director of Research Project Management Services  Reya Calistes Eigenmann 2-South
812-855-4517 Director  Ashley Clark Eigenmann 2-South
812-855-9907 Senior Web Programmer  Jason Francis Eigenmann 2-South
812-856-1134 Data Processing Manager  Crystal Salyer Eigenmann 3-South
812-855-9907 Web Programmer  Barb Gelwick Eigenmann 2-South
812-856-1904 Assistant Research Scientist  Stacey Giroux Eigenmann 2-South
812-855-2573 Senior Research Director  John Kennedy Eigenmann 3-South
812-856-0744 Study Director  Erin Ables
Study Director  Kathleen Lorenzen
812-855-2506 Study Director and Research Laboratory Manager  Jesse Talley
812-855-2833 Associate Director of Research Data Management Services  Erica Moore Eigenmann 3-South
812-856-1173 Director of Research Data Management Services  Jamie Roberts Eigenmann 3-South
Technical Analyst  Fox Steinhilber Eigenmann 3-South
812-855-4707 Director of Technologies  Kevin Tharp Eigenmann 2-South
812-855-8052 LAN Administrator & Senior Analyst  Rick Watson Eigenmann 2-South
812-855-2857 CPR Technical Lead and Senior Analyst Programmer  Joe Wilkerson Eigenmann 2-South
812-856-1877 Director of R&D and Research Laboratory  Lilian Yahng Eigenmann 2-South