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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-3442 Associate Vice President for Academic Support and Diversity, Vice Provost for Educational Inclusion and Diversity  Martin McCrory Bryan Hall 115A
812-856-5700 Information   Bryan Hall 115
812-856-5119 FAX 
Academic Support Centers
812-855-7016 Director  Leslie Robinson Briscoe C125
812-855-6931 Information   Briscoe C125
812-856-3060 Information   Forest Quad
812-856-4457 Information   Teter Quad
812-855-7668 FAX 
Groups Scholars Program
812-856-5585 Director  Mary Stephenson Maxwell Hall 200D
812-855-0507 Information/Appointments  Jackie Coleman Maxwell Hall 200
812-855-0508 Office Manager  Maxwell Hall 200C
812-856-5235 FAX 
Hudson & Holland Scholars Program
812-855-7853 Director  Marsha McGriff 300 N. Jordan 303
812-855-7853 Information   300 N. Jordan 326
812-855-8615 FAX 
Mentoring Services and Leadership Development
812-855-3540 Executive Director, MSLD  Patrick D Smith Eigenmann Hall 603
812-855-9818 Director, Faculty Mentoring Initiatives  Arnell Hammond Eigenmann Hall 613
812-855-3540 Information   Eigenmann Hall 619
812-856-0445 FAX 
Twenty-First Century Scholars Program IUB
812-855-0276 Director  Vince Isom Eigenmann Hall 607
812-856-1910 Information  Carolyn Martin Eigenmann Hall 619
812-856-0445 FAX  
DEMA Overseas Study Program
812-856-1934 Director  Ochmaa Escue Bryan Hall 108