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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-855-0507 Information/Appointments  Maxwell Hall 200
812-856-5235 FAX Groups Scholars Program
812-856-5585 Director  Mary Stephenson Maxwell Hall 200D
812-855-0638 Associate Director  Samuel Young Maxwell Hall 200B
812-855-2387 Assistant Director and Academic Advisor  Jana Cox Maxwell Hall 200F
812-855-0508 Administrative and Accounts Assistant Lauren McCalister Maxwell Hall 200
812-855-0507 Office Communications Specialist  Jacqueline Coleman Maxwell Hall 200
812-855-5070 Academic Advisor   Maxwell Hall 210H
812-855-0623 Academic Advisor and STEM Coordinator  Kim Jenkins Maxwell Hall 200E
812-855-0624 Academic Advisor and Writing Specialist  Gordon Hershey Maxwell Hall 210A
812-856-1578 Academic Advisor and Upperclass Initiative  Maqubé Reese Maxwell Hall 210B
812-855-0949 Graduate Student   Maxwell Hall 210C
812-855-3541 Graduate Assistant  Maxwell Hall 210C
812-855-0610 Math Tutoring Coordinator  Scott Salak Maxwell Hall 210D
812-855-0625 Academic Advisor and Literacy Specialist  Burhan Elturan Maxwell Hall 210E
812-856-1720 Academic Advisor and Math Specialist  Kathy Essex Maxwell Hall 210F
812-856-6963 Academic Advisor  Zilia C. Balkansky-Sellès Maxwell Hall 210G
812-856-1448 Academic Advisor (Part-Time Walk-In)   Maxwell Hall 200C
812-855-0845 Graduate Assistant   Maxwell Hall 210H
812-855-3125 Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist  Juan Cano Maxwell Hall 210J
812-855-5070 Academic Advisor  Itia Saahir Maxwell Hall 210H