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Indiana University

IU Bloomington Departmental Listings

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812-245-2284 General Information  One City Centre, Suite 200
812-245-6710 FAX 
812-245-8052 Chief Executive Officer  Taylor, John
812-245-8059 Director of Content Curation  Beltramini, Elizabeth
812-245-8072 Strategic Initiatives Executive  Cline, Jason
812-245-8058 Events and Operations Coordinator  Dawes, Jake
812-245-8054 Corporate Partnerships Representative  Donatelle, Anna
812-245-2284 Accounting Assistant  Irwin, Nicole
812-245-8075 Assistant Editor  Johnson, Brandt
812-245-8060 Financial Services Manager  Keith, Karen
812-245-2284 Corporate Partnerships Manager  Laird, Allie
812-245-8057 Marketing Designer  Langeveld, Andrea
812-245-8061 Web Developer  Mauer, Kevin
812-245-8056 Collegiate Recreation and Leisure Activities Coordinator  May, Adrena
812-245-2284 Office Administrator  Nichols, Deana
812-245-8088 Educational Program Coordinator  Pho, Kim
812-245-2284 Customer Service Representative  Quate, Beverly
812-245-8064 Volunteer and Member Engagement Strategist  Rudisille, Justin
812-245-8062 Educational Program Coordinator  Shankle, Rachel
812-245-8063 Sales Manager  Smith, David
812-245-8055 Director of Corporate Partnerships and Events  Smith, Michelle
812-245-8066 Marketing Communications Manager  Stringer, Elizabeth
812-245-8051 Director of Finance and Administration  Teske, David
812-245-8089 Director of Business Services  Voorhees, Jack
812-245-8053 Director of Education  Wahlquist, Zachariah
812-245-2284 IT Manager  Whittington, Joseph
812-245-8095 Education and Research Program Coordinator  Winters, Scarlett