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IUPUC Departmental Listings

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812-348-7275 Division Head / Professor, Mathematics Education  Catherine Brown, Ed.D. CC 155C
812-348-7325 Senior Administrative Secretary  Jackie Lane CC 155
812-348-7356 Academic Advisor  Sara Williamson, M.S. CC 155A
812-348-7338 FAX 
Computer Education
812-348-7277   LC 1625
Curriculum and Instruction
812-348-7275 Director, Center for Teaching and Learning  Catherine Brown, Ed.D. CC 155C
English as a Second Language
812-348-7278 Assistant Professor  Jennifer Conner-Zachocki, Ph.D. CC 155D
812-348-7347 Clinical Assistant Professor  Aija Pocock, Ph.D. CC 155F
Language Education
812-314-8640 Clinical Assistant Professor  Debra Winikates, Ed.D. CC 156V
Mathematics Education
812-348-7346 Associate Professor  Crystal Walcott, Ph.D. CC 155G
PRAXIS Support
812-348-7325   CC 155
Science Education
812-348-7313 Clinical Assistant Professor  Kate Baird, Ph.D. CC 154
Social Studies
812-348-7245 Associate Professor  Stephanie Serriere, Ph.D. CC 155B
Special Education
812-348-7211 Clinical Assistant Professor  Allisha Beerwart, Ed.S. CC 155E
Office of Student Teaching