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Indiana University

IU East Departmental Listings

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765-973-8320 Executive Vice Chancellor  Michelle Malott WZ 101B
765-973-8243 Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration  T.J. Rivard WZ 101G
765-973-8522 Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students  Mary Blakefield WZ 101D
765-973-8344 Interim Associate Vice Chancellor  Jay Barbre WZ 101C
765-973-8239 Executive Secretary  Kim Ladd WZ 101
765-973-8474 Director of Institutional Research  Oniffe Grizzle WZ 101F
765-973-8252 Administrative Secretary  Andrea Miller WZ 101
765-973-8426 First-Year Seminar, Advisor  Prudence Nelson RW 231
765-973-8267 ScholarCorp AmeriCorp Service Member  Danielle Nuss WZ 116E
765-973-8237 FAX