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Indiana University

IU East Departmental Listings

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765-973-8470 Director  Frances Yates HY 151
765-973-8279 Reference & Media Services Coordinator  Matt Dilworth HY 140
765-973-8226 Associate Librarian  Lora Baldwin HY 230
765-973-8325 Associate Librarian  Sue McFadden HY 232
765-973-8204 Coordinator of Library User Services  Elizabeth Brockman HY Library
765-973-8434 Coordinator, Instruction & Service Learning  KT (Kathryn) Lowe HY Library
765-973-8411 Service-Learning Liaison  Ann Tobin HY Library
765-973-8311 Access Services  
765-973-8326 FAX  -Hayes Hall Library HY Library