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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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944-7440 FAX 
944-8451 Director Rev Beth Newton Watson
948-3886 UH Staff Chaplain Manager Rev Deborah Butt
944-7415 Clinical Pastoral Education Secretary Lorie Vaughn
962-3723 Administrative Assistant Betty Hafley
962-8611 Departmental Secretary Danete Hollins
948-4871 Staff Chaplain - Riley / IU Fr. Anthony Agbali
944-5398 RI Staff Chaplain Lynel Beaty
944-5797 UH Staff Chaplain Rev Lorraine Coufal
948-5629 UH Staff Chaplain Rev Diana Etindi
948-5762 RI Saff Chaplain / Faculty Cam Holzer
948-3887 Clinical Pastoral Education Manager / Staff Chaplain Frank Impicciche
944-8403 UH Staff Chaplain / Faculty Rev Katherine Nininger
944-8451 Staff Chaplain Riley / IU Udhay Raji
944-5400 RI Staff Chaplain Don Schutt
944-5056 UH Staff Chaplain Rev Tim Staker
944-8451 Staff Chaplain Riley / IU Rabbi Lew Weiss
948-3888 RI Staff Chaplain Manager Rev Dan J Young