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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-8828 Information  AC 001
317-274-5064 FAX  AC 107
317-278-1700 Commencement Hot Line  AC 001
317-274-2317 Executive Director Stefan S Davis AC 001E
317-274-8959 Senior Director, Alumni Programs Karen S Jones AC 001B
317-274-4555 Director, Alumni & Special Programs  Sharon K Holland AC 001A
317-274-8905 Director, Alumni Programs Kimberly D Helton AC 001D
317-274-2289 Director, Alumni Programs Danial J Kibble AC 103
317-274-1345 Director, Alumni Programs Jayme T Little AC 106
317-274-5060 Program Support Assistant Theresa Bell AC 108
317-278-1702 Graduate Assistant Em Laudeman AC 107