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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-278-3220 FAX 
317-274-0406 Business Manager for Enrollment Management  Reshina Powell CA 147B
317-274-3720 Inst. Aid Budget & Acct. Specialist Jill Campbell CA 147
317-274-0496 Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor  April Peigh CE 255R
317-278-5231 Enrollment Managment Assistant/ Travel Arranger  Jan Skillman CA 147
317-274-7980 Enrollment Management Assistant/ Administrative Payroll Clerk Jill Ward CA 147A
317-274-3880 Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management  Boyd Bradshaw CE 255H
317-274-0838 Director of Undergraduate Admissions  VACANT CE 255 S
317-274-5924 Director Student Financial Services Marvin Smith CE 250
317-278-1101 Director of IUPUI & Ivy Tech Coordinated Programs  Julie Landaw IP 121
317-274-5917 Director Office of Student Scholarships/ Assistant Director ES Beth Barnette Knight CE 264 I
317-278-7808 Director of Diversity Access & Achievement Kim Stewart-Brinston CA 109 A
317-274-1505 Registrar Mary Beth Myers CE 250 G
317-274-5015 Director Office for Veterans & Military Personnel  Kim Bloodgood CE 050 B
317-274-5462 Manager of Technical Support Services Michael Beeson CA 001F
317-274-0094 Technology Support Specialist Cory Hession CA 001F
317-274-1944 Computer Support Specialist  Sina Loghmani CA 001F