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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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962-3856 Executive Director Ian Singleton Meth F310
962-3855 Administrative Assistant Johnnie Morris Meth F310
962-2255 Manager, Patient Support Services Brian Barrick B152
962-2259 Training & Quality Coordinator Cynthia (Thia) Baker Meth F319
962-8924 Training and Development Coordinator Waltnelle Boyd Meth F321
962-3464 Staffing and Payroll Specialist Annessa Bradley Meth F3
962-2456 Staffing & Payroll Specialist Laniece Cole Meth F3
962-2076 FAX 
962-3534 Operations Manager Lori Whisman MH F328
944-8859 Program Manager - Transportation Kelvin Wade F322
962-2831 Unit Lead (dayshift) Don Briggs Meth F314
963-8374 Unit Lead (dayshift) Arturo Rios Meth F312
962-2818 Unit Lead (dayshift) Ellen Roth Meth A1389
962-0692 Unit Lead (dayshift coordinator) Mike Leap Meth F320
962-6848 Unit Lead (evenings shift) Eugene Ostachuk Meth F3
962-2829 Unit Lead (evening shift) Melvin Webster Meth F3
962-0195 Unit Lead (evening shift) Ireita Elliott-Kante Meth F3
491-6152 Team Lead (evening shift) John Sanders (Path Lab) Path Lab
962-6727 Logistics Specialist – MH Peter Graves Meth Facilities
944-7335 FAX 
944-8914 Operations Manager Peter Fernandez UH 0762B
944-6965 Unit Lead - IU (evening shift) Scott Smith UH 0739
948-0521 Team Lead Transportation  UH 0762 - University
948-3785 Manager, Operations   RI 0604B
944-0711 Unit Lead – (Riley dayshift) C R Buchanan RI 0604C
948-6862 Unit Lead (SFT dayshift)  RI 0604C
948-0866 Unit Lead (ROC evening coordinator) Sarah Walker ROC 0307
948-6862 Unit Lead (Riley evening shift) Tina Edmonds RI 0604C
944-8073 Inventory/Supply Clerk – IU/RI/SCC Thomas Moore C0510
962-2027 FAX 
962-6147 Unit Lead - Throughout  Meth A1018
962-6983 Unit Lead – Throughout Frances Hatchett Meth CG16A
962-8921 Meth Hotline Environmental Svcs  AG
944-4271 IU/RI Hotline Environmental Svcs  AG
962-3105 Meth Transportation  Meth C Lobby