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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-4627 Information  LV 4449
317-278-7901 FAX  LV 4449
317-274-4630 Assistant Director of Process Development Christy K. Cole LV 4450
317-274-5536 Academic Human Resource Specialist  Michael Halliburton LV 4444
317-278-6090 Special Events Coordinator Lori Klosterman AO 127
317-278-1846 Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs  Melissa R. Lavitt AO 126
317-278-5539 Assistant Dean of the Faculties  Carol J. McGarry LV 4448
317-274-8445 Assistant Director of Academic Appointments Jeremy Price LV 4447
317-278-4697 Director of Faculty Enhancement  Gail F. Williamson AO 127
317-278-7670 Academic Data Manager  Biannca L. Yates LV 4446