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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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(340 W. Michigan Street or IUPUI Campus Mail) 
317-274-3711 Information 
317-274-8818 FAX 
317-278-5616 Executive Director, Corporate Relations Brad Fravel
317-278-5642 Vacant 
317-278-5644 Vice President for Development, IUPUI Dorothy (Dee) Metaj
317-278-5647 Vice President for Development, Regional Campuses Paula J. Jenkins
317-278-5648 Executive Director, Foundation Relations  Jennifer Lawrence
317-278-5650 Vacant 
317-278-5651 Vacant 
317-278-5653 Assistant Director, Gift Planning Indianapolis Kate Brinkerhoff
317-278-5655 Director, IUF Indianapolis Marketing Brett McLaughlin
317-278-5656 Vacant 
317-278-5661 Director of Special Giving Programs  Pete Hunter
317-278-5662 Vacant 
317-278-5663 Vacant 
317-278-0583 Graphic Designer Amy Kirchner
317-278-5664 Project Coordinator Ellen Scalf
317-278-5672 Executive Assistant  Adam Schick
317-278-5671 Executive Assistant Karen Kirchman
317-278-5667 Senior Administrative Assistant Robbie Moore
317-278-5676 Administrative Assistant Tracey Wischmeyer
317-278-5652 Vacant 
317-278-5649 Major Gift Proposal Writer Ryan Millbern
317-278-5654 Associate Manager, Events & Meeting Services Chelsie M. Roberts
317-278-5677 Vacant 
317-278-5625 Associate Director, Regional Advancement  Jordan Smeltzer