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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-8877 Information  CA 213A
317-278-5220 FAX 
317-274-8877 Administrative Secretary Joyce Haibe CA 213A
317-274-1128 Chair Jeffrey S Wilson PhD CA 207A
317-274-8867  Andrew Baker CA 213B
317-274-3281  Rudy Banerjee CA 207D
317-278-8570  Robert Beck PhD CA 213E
317-274-1100  Frederick L Bein PhD CA 213D
317-274-1101  Timothy S Brothers PhD CA 207B
317-274-8808  Owen Dwyer PhD CA 213C
317-274-1102  Thomas S Fedor PhD CA 207E
317-274-1128  Daniel Johnson CA 207C
317-274-8879 Assistant Director of Geography Educators Network of Indiana  CA 121