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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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Indiana University Health - Academic Health Center
962-0807 FAX - Meth Hospital  Meth
317-278-5423 FAX - University Hospital  UH
948-0860 FAX - Riley Hospital  RI
962-2157 Administrative Assistant Annette Freeman Meth B265
962-6620 Data Analyst  Yun Wang Meth B294
962-2798 Medical Director Douglas H Webb MD Meth B268
962-2639 Interim Manager  Suzi Tolliver Meth B266
962-962-6595 IC Practitioner  Betty Brock RN Meth B294
962-1292 IC Practitioner  Jeri Mays RN Meth B290
962-0497 IC Practitioner  Marnie Sieber RN Meth B290
962-0431 IC Practitioner  Jennie McVey RN Meth B288
962-1754 IC Practitioner  Kristen Kelley Meth B288
948-5790 IC Practitioner  Brittany Crumpacker RN ROC 4380
944-1195 IC Practitioner  Heather Hohenberger RN ROC 4380
944-8511 IC Practitioner  Jennifer Wyatt UH 3260
944-2556 IC Practitioner  Kari Kuebler RN UH 3260
944-2556 IC Practitioner  Nicole Hatfield RN UH 3260
630-6119 Hospital Epidemiologist 
630-7574 Prevention and Control Manager Debra Fawcett PhD RN WHS OPW
630-7574 Infection Preventionist Kamera Riggins RN WHS OPW
630-7574 Infection Preventionist Lynae Kibiger MPH WHS OPW