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IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-278-3374 Information  ES 0010
317-274-2170 FAX
317-274-5820 Director Marianne Wokeck PhD ES 0017N
317-274-2173 Senior Administrative Assistant  Martha Rujuwa ES 0010
317-274-1451 Senior Textual Editor Jonathan Eller PhD ES 0017A
317-274-2174 Administrative Assistant Megan Liu ES 0010
317-278-0280 Content Management System Developer Young Chang ES 0020A
317-274-5820 Director for the Graduate Certificate in Professional Editing Program Marianne Wokeck PhD ES 0017N
317-278-1019 Director of American Studies  Raymond Haberski, Jr. PhD ES 0017K
317-274-1451 Director for the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies Jonathan Eller PhD ES 0014
317-274-5834 Director for the Frederick Douglass Papers John Kaufman-McKivigan PhD ES 0020
317-274-2033 Director for the Peirce Edition Project AndrĂ© De Tienne PhD ES 0017B
317-278-8572 Director for the Santayana Edition Martin Coleman PhD ES 0017M
317-278-2306 Director for the Josiah Royce Papers David Pfeifer CA 331