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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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423-5504 Information 
423-5695 FAX 
423-5504 Director Michael Weiner MD MPH HS 2000
988-2058 Investigator Matthew Bair MD MS VA 11H
988-4493 Investigator Dawn Bravata MD VA 11H
988-4509 Investigator Neale Chumbler PhD VA 11H
988-4493 Investigator Teresa Damush PhD VA 11H
423-5503 Investigator Brad Doebbeling MD HS 2000
988-4000 Investigator Rich Frankel PhD VA 11H
988-3485 Investigator Dustin French PhD VA 11H
988-2067 Investigator David Haggstrom MD MAS VA 11H
630-6985 Investigator Thomas Imperiale MD RG 6
988-4131 Investigator Erin Krebs MD MPH VA 11H
630-7447 Investigator Kurt Kroenke MD RG 6
988-4514 Investigator Marianne Matthias PhD VA 11H
423-5502 Investigator Wendy Morrison PhD HS 2000
988-3132 Investigator Alissa Russ PhD VA 11H
988-2616 Investigator Jason Saleem PhD VA 11H
988-4419 Investigator Michelle Salyers PhD VA 11H
988-4493 Investigator Arlene Schmid PhD OTR VA 11H
988-4493 Investigator Linda Williams MD VA 11H
423-5652 Program Manager Lori Losee MA HS 2000
212-785-4891 Research Manager Consultant Shawn Hoke HS 2000
816-741-5641 Research Consultant Mindy Flanagan PhD HS 2000
423-5684 Research Manager Kelli Norton HS 2000
630-8248 Research Manager Curlie Morrow RG 6
423-5637 Health Information Project Manager Joseph Poisson HS 2000
630-2642 Survey Manager Simon Mungai MBA MA (Stats) RG 6
630-7870 Training Program Sue Galbraith RG 6
423-5504 Administrative Assistant Lynn Andrick HS 2000