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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-7204 Circulation Desk/Archives Jean Frantz DS 128
317-274-5207 Head Librarian  Janice E Cox DS 127B
317-274-5204 Access Services Manager  DS 128
317-274-5206 Cataloging/Serials Sue Hutchinson DS B25
317-274-5203 Interlibrary Loan Amy Edwards DS 128
(Ruth Lilly Law Library)
317-274-8825 FAX - Library  IH 135B
317-274-3884 Administrative Offices   IH 131K-131M
317-274-1928 Library Director Miriam Murphy IH 131L
317-274-1925 Assitant Director for Information Services  Susan deMaine IH 131M
317-274-4028 Circulation/Information Desk  IH 131
317-274-4026 Reference Desk  IH 131
317-274-1930 Head of Collection Services  Larissa Sullivant IH 135L
317-274-1923 Acquisitions Senior Assistant  Beverly Bryant IH 135B
317-274-3884 Assistant Business Manager  Kathleen (Kitty) Stephens IH 135K
317-274-1997 Information Design & Systems Specialist  Hannah Alcasid IH 135C
317-274-1946 Evening Circulation Senior Assistant  Chase Martin IH 131A
317-274-1932 Evening Circulation Supervisor  Terry Rickhoff IH 131A
317-274-1926 Project Coordinator  Mariah White IH 131A
317-278-1793 Research Instructional Librarian  Richard Humphrey IH 131H
317-274-1929 Research Instructional Librarian  Benjamin Keele IH 131J
317-274-1924 Research & Instructional Librarian  Rena Stoeber IH 131G
317-274-1927 Technical Services Manager  Jane VanBuskirk IH 135D
317-274-4029 Circulation Manager  Vanessa Anderson IH 131B
317-274-7182 Information Desk   IB 100
317-274-7184 Document Delivery Services   IB 109
317-274-1408 Director Gabe Rios IB 310
317-274-7198 Assoc. Dir. for Public Services  Amy Blevins IB 310
317-274-1409 Assoc. Dir. for Library Operations  Rick Ralston IB 310
317-274-7183 Business Manager  Keva Rop IB 310
317-274-7185 Research and Community Engagement  Kacy Allgood IB 325
317-274-2282 Clinical Informationist  Thomas Emmett MD IB 323
317-278-1511 Data Services  Erin Foster IB 308
317-274-7140 Emerging Technologies  Jennifer Herron IB 316
317-274-1612 Library Technology Team Leader  Kellie Kaneshiro IB 314
317-274-2281 History of Medicine  Susan London IB 319
317-278-6179 Asst. Dir. for Research & Trans. Sci.  Beth Whipple IB 208
317-278-9327 Content Management Supervisor  Terri Bennett IB 109
317-274-1495 Circulation Supervisor  Mike Wilikson IB 109