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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-278-1862 Cavanaugh Hall FAX 
317-274-8566 Campus Center FAX 
317-274-4591 Main Line for General Information/Application Requests/Application Status 
317-274-8482 Main Line Campus Visitations Reservations 
317-278-1880 Associate Vice Chancellor/Executive Director for Enrollment Management Rebecca Porter CE 255 H
317-274-0838 Director of Undergraduate Admissions  Yohlunda Mosley CE 255 S
Undergraduate Admissions, Admissions Center
317-278-4602 Senior Enrollment Specialist  Judy Johnson CE 255 G
317-278-9040 Admissions Specialist  VACANT CE 255 G
317-278-9014 Client Services Manager  VACANT CE 255 B
Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Campus Visits
317-278-6241 Associate Director for Campus Visits Amy Blackford CE 260 F
317-278-7807 Special Program/Community Outreach Coordinator  Cindy Harkness CE 260 E
317-278-1312 Special Program Coordinator  Jennifer Zotz CE 260 E
317-274-1597 Special Program Coordinator  Genevieve Arnold CE 260 E
317-278-6520 Assistant Director Special Program Coordinator Jessica Klage CE 260 E
317-274-0853 Special Program Coordinator Richard Holdaway CE 260 E
Undergraduate Admissions Marketing and Decision Support
317-278-7031 Associate Director for Marketing and Decision Support Terry Brown CE 255 J
317-278-7578 Assistant Director of Admissions Robert Bell CE 255 F
317-278-3733 Data Systems Analyst  Keshar Miller CE 255 E
317-278-3370 CRM Specialist and Scholarship Coordinator  Jennifer Lund CE 255
317-278-3370 CRM Systems Specialist  Claire Brown CE 255
317-278-9014 CRM Technical Analyst  Matt Moody CE 255
317-274-4395 CRM Analyst  Pablo Sanchez CE 255
Undergraduate Admissions Operations
317-278-3371 Associate Director for Operations  Pamela Brown CE 255 C
317-274-4601 Assistant Director High Ability, Non Resident & Diverse Populations  Stephanie Dennis CA 109A
317-278-8820 Mgt. Reports Specialist  Aaron Garabrant CA 109
317-274-1996 Mgt. Reports Specialist  David Reed CA 109
317-274-7960 Assistant Director Transfer Credit  VACANT CA 109
317-274-4568 Supervisor, Data Entry  Michelle Webster CA 109B
Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment and High School Outreach
317-274-0924 Associate Director for Recruitment and High School Outreach Scott McIntyre CE 255
317-278-5232 Assistant Director of Admissions  Melissa Myroup CE 260 I
317-278-9234 Assistant Director of Admissions Alice Matouk CE 260 M
317-278-3323 Assistant Director of Admissions Antesha Prosser CE 260 O
317-278-9011 Assistant Director of Admissions Rachel Forster CE 260 R
317-278-3372 Assistant Director of Admissions Greg Rathnow CE 260 L
317-274-7920 Assistant Director of Admissions Caris Daily CE 260 S
317-278-0183 Assistant Director for Scholar Recruitment  Lygia Vernon CE 260 S
317-274-2252 Assistant Director Latino/Hispanic Recruitment  Jasmine Rodriguez CE 260
317-278-3147 Assistant Director for Recruitment  Wendy Davey CE 260 J
317-274-0404 Admissions Counselor Steve Bushouse CE 260 J
317-278-5221 Admissions Counselor  Dawn Stout CE 260 J
317-274-3682 Admissions Counselor  Bryce Herndon CE 260 J