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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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(233 S McCrea St Suite 400 Indpls IN 46225-1068) 
(Dial 269-6274 then ask for the desired extension/person) 
269-6274 Information
269-6276 FAX (General) 
269-6268 FAX (Membership) 
269-6274 President and Chief Executive Officer Tanya Howe Johnson
Ext 27 Executive Assistant David Roberts
Ext 20 Communication Services Manager/Webmaster Ron Tellmann
Ext 12 Director of Operations Barbara Yeager
Ext 16 Finance Manager Staci Tingley
Ext 25 Membership Operations Manager Belinda Gillett
Ext 33 Membership Assistant  Sandy Masengale
Ext 17 Director of Meetings Kay Ramsey
Ext 31 ACGA Manager  Gloria Kermeen
Ext 34 Membership Assistant  Penny Cassetty
Ext 28 Director of Strategic Initiatives Tami Tarpley
Ext 18 Meetings Manager Shana Dreher