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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-7844 Information
317-274-7714 FAX  MS A401
317-274-1575 Chair Michael Vasko PhD MS A401
317-274-1556 Administrator  Dan Smith MS A411A
317-274-4094 Grants Coordinator Miriam Barr MS A411B
317-274-1561 Graduate Program Assistant Amy Lawson MS A401
317-278-8575 Administrative and Academic Lisa King MS A401
317-274-1573 Pharmacology Graduate Advisor William J Sullivan Jr PhD MS A525
317-274-7844 Toxicology Graduate Advisor  Lisa M Kamendulis PhD R3 C132
317-278-7910 Administrative Specialist Lisa Parks-Connell MS A411
Center for Environmental Health
317-274-7824 Information
317-274-7787 FAX 
317-274-7824 Director James E Klaunig PhD R3 C132
317-274-7824 Assistant Business Manager Gary Brackett R3 C132
State Department of Toxicology
317-274-7825 Information
317-278-2836 FAX  SZ N141
317-274-7825 Director Michael A Wagner PhD SZ N141A
317-274-7825 Office Coordinator Anna Hileman SZ N141A
317-278-2440 State Dept of Toxicology Lab Supervisor Natividad Dumaual SZ N141A
317-278-2443 State Department of Toxicology Lab   SZ N141A
317-278-9229  Nickolay Broustovetski PhD MS 549
317-278-4471  Broustovetski Lab MS 545
317-278-9227  Broustovetski Lab MS 525
317-278-8212  Xian Xuan Chi PhD MS 434
317-278-8509  Kai-Ming Chou PhD MS 552
317-278-8506  Chou Lab MS 523
317-278-9342  Theodore R Cummins PhD R2 468
317-278-9343  Cummins Lab R2 459
317-274-1571  Joseph A DiMicco PhD MS A401A
317-278-8220  DiMicco Lab MS 443
317-274-1567  Barbara Hocevar R3 C132
317-274-3094  Hocevar Lab R3 C116
317-274-7844  Lisa M Kamendulis PhD R3 C132
317-274-3094  Kamendulis Lab R3 C116
317-278-6531  Rajesh Khanna PhD R2 478
317-278-6560  Khanna Lab R2 469A
317-274-7799  James E Klaunig PhD R3 C132
317-274-3094  Klaunig Lab R3 C116
317-278-8505  Richard Nass PhD MS 549
317-278-8503  Nass Lab MS 544
317-274-1570  Grant D Nicol PhD MS A402
317-274-1574  Nicol Lab MS A404
317-278-5808  Gerry S Oxford PhD R2 402B
317-278-9149  Oxford Lab R2 451
317-274-1563  Sherry F Queener PhD MS A519
317-274-1557  Queener Lab MS A521
317-278-4952  Ahmad R Safa PhD R3 C524
317-278-4953  Safa Lab R3 C532
317-274-1573  William J Sullivan Jr PhD MS A525
317-278-9017  Sullivan Lab MS A515
317-274-1575  Michael R Vasko PhD MS A401
317-274-1682  Vasko Lab MS A414
317-274-1576  Vasko Lab MS 431A
317-274-1562  Lynn R Willis PhD MS A411C
317-278-4503  Jian Ting Zhang PhD R3 C510
317-278-4504  Zhang Lab R3 C564/R3 C570
317-278-9346  Weiguo Zhu PhD R2 474