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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-4651 FAX  AD 4049
317-274-4111 Senior Administrative Secretary Shirley Yorger AD 4049
317-274-2876 Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement  Stephen P. Hundley AD 4049
317-274-4111 Director of Program Review  Karen E Black AD 4049
317-278-3604 Director, Institutional Effectiveness  Susan Kahn Waterway 53
317-278-3414 Coordinator, ePortfolio Initiative  Susan Scott Waterway 54
317-278-2090 Administrative Assistant Linda S Durr AD 4049
317-274-1881 Admin Accounts Coordinator  Angie M Bergman AD 4049
317-274-3361 Secretary, Part-time Michele A Trent AD 4049