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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-963-7288 Chairman Thomas McAllister MD GH 4800
317-963-7288 Administrative Coordinator Margie Hughes GH 4800
317-963-7616 Information 
317-963-7313 FAX 
317-963-7285 Administrator Bronson Troyer GH 4800
317-963-7293 Research Nurse Administrator Carolyn O'Neil RN MA GH 4800
317-963-7286 Manager, Human Resources Christopher Paynter PHR GH 4800
317-963-7290 Manager, Financial Services Phil Huldeen GH 4800
317-963-7287 Manager, IT Services Patrick Phillips GH 4800
317-963-7292 Assistant Business Manager Kristina Hannon GH 4800
317-963-7291 Financial Affairs Assistant Kim Bunn GH 4800
317-963-7300 Information 
317-963-7325 FAX 
317-963-7300 Clinic Director Andrew Goddard MD GH 2800
317-963-7270 Operations Manager Becky McMahon GH 2800
317-963-7260 New Patient Appointments Angie Seibers GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist Nancy Butler MD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist Joanna Chambers MD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychologist Yelena Chernyak PhD HSPP GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychologist Natalie Dattilo PhD HSPP GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist David Diaz MD DFAPA GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist Jeanne Dickens MD MS GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist John I Nurnberger Jr MD PhD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist Martin Plawecki MD PhD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist Robert Schweitzer MD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Social Worker Peggy Barnes LCSW GH 2800
317-963-7300 TMS Coordinator Penny Harshaw CMA GH 2800
317-963-7300 Information 
317-963-7325 FAX 
317-963-7298 Clinic Director  George Parker MD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Psychiatrist Tracy Gunter MD GH 2800
317-963-7260 New Patient Appointments 
317-963-7325 FAX 
317-963-7300 Clinic Director Dan Rexroth PsyD GH 2800
317-963-7300 Clinic Co-Director  Frederick Unverzagt PhD GH 2800
317-963-7297 Director Educational Core Mary Guerriero Austrom PhD GH 2800
317-963-7297 Administrative Secretary Donna Wert GH 2800
317-944-8162 Information 
317-948-0609 FAX 
317-944-8162 Clinic Director  David Dunn MD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Co-Clinic Director Kelda Walsh MD RI 4300
317-944-4065 Operations Manager Ginger Long RI 4300
317-944-8162 New Patient Appointments Lori Gregoire RI 4300
317-948-5791 Insurance Stephanie Mayes RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychiatrist Susanne Blix MD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychiatrist Leslie Hulvershorn MD, M.Sc RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychiatrist Kimberly Stigler MD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychologist Tom Hummer PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychologist William Kronenberger PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychologist Ann Lagges PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychologist Noha Minshawi PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychologist Eric Scott PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Psychologist Naomi Swiezy PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Social Worker Patrick Brearton LCSW RI 4300
317-944-8162 Social Worker Doug Gaebler LCSW RI 4300
317-944-8162 Social Worker Sarah Harris LCSW RI 4300
317-944-8162 Social Worker Angela McCarty LMHC RI 4300
317-944-8162 Consult Information 
317-944-8162 Medical Director Julianne Giust MD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Clinical Director Erica Prentkowski PhD RI 4300
317-944-8162 Social Worker Kathy Holder Hayes LCSW RI 4300
317-944-8162 Social Worker Beth Buchanan LCSW RI 4300
317-963-7309 Information 
317-963-7325 FAX 
317-963-7309 Director, Medical Student Education Nancy Butler MD GH 2800
317-963-7309 Medical Student Education Coordinator Vicki Anderson GH 2800
317-963-7310 CME/Fellowship Coordinator Kellie Hindman GH 2800
317-963-7311 Administrative Support Specialist Mary Ann Kershaw GH 2800
317-963-7288 Information 
317-963-7313 FAX 
317-963-7285 Administrator Bronson Troyer GH 2800
317-963-7288 Operations Manager Margie Hughes GH 2800
317-554-2704 Information 
317-554-2721 FAX 
317-630-8485 Crisis Intervention Unit  WHS
317-630-7713 Psychiatric Emergency Services  WHS
317-554-2716 Chief Executive Officer Margie Payne 850 N Meridian St
317-554-2710 Medical Director Midtown Jeff Kellams MD 850 N Meridian St
317-554-2709 Administrative Specialist Denise Reynolds 850 N Meridian St
317-612-2727 Psychiatrist N Leela Rau MD 850 N Meridian St
317-274-1239 Director of Psychology William Kronenberger PhD PB 201
317-630-6281 Psychiatrist Inpatient Services Michael Demotte MD WHS
317-630-8485 Psychiatrist Triage Services Pravesh Patel MD WHS
317-630-7689 Staff Psychiatrist Triage Services Ryan Moe MD WHS
317-630-7689 Staff Psychiatrist Triage Services Carla Kilgore MD WHS
317-639-7689 Staff Psychiatrist Triage Services Jennifer Wilson MD WHS
317-630-7689 Staff Psychiatrist Triage Services Gregory Singleton MD WHS
317-630-7539 Staff Psychiatrist Brief Solutions Stephen Dunlop MD WHS
317-630-7539 Staff Psychiatrist Brief Solutions Ernesto Carrasco MD WHS
317-941-5010 Staff Psychiatrist Child/Adolescent Services Kelly Blankenship DO 3171 N. Meridian St.
317-941-5010 Staff Psychiatrist Child/Adolescent Services Heather Shelton MD 3171 N. Meridian St.
317-941-5010 Staff Psychologist Child/Adolescent Services Linn LaClave PhD 3171 N. Meridian St.
317-941-5003 Psychiatrist Addiction Services Andy Chambers MD 3171 N. Meridian St.
317-941-5003 Psychiatrist Addiction Services Alan Schmetzer MD 3171 N. Meridian St.
317-554-5700 Staff Psychiatrist Mary Salama MD 1700 N Illinois
317-554-5700 Staff Psychiatrist ACT Team  Thota Rao MD 1700 N Illinois
317-554-5700 Staff Psychiatrist ACT Team  Mukesh Desai MD 1700 N Illinois
317-554-5700 Psychiatrist Robert Schweitzer MD 1700 N Illinois
317-612-2723 Staff Psychiatrist Older Adult  Donald Hay MD 850 N Meridian St
317-612-2723 Staff Psychiatrist Older Adult  Prasanna Chinthala MD 850 N Meridian St
317-512-2723 Psychiatrist Older Adult Jeanne Dickens MD 850 N Meridian St
317-630-8902 Staff Psychiatrist Primary Care Rodney Maust MD PCC PEDS
317-655-3200 Staff Psychiatrist Primary Care Robert Holt MD Cottage Corner/Grassy Creek
317-686-5634 Staff Psychiatrist Narcotics Teratment Program Ryan Moe MD 832 N Meridian St
317-244-2243 Staff Psychiatrist BASE Program Heather Fretwell MD Westside 5610 Crawfordsville Road
317-423-8909 Staff Psychiatrist Homeless Resources Katherine Eschmann DO 1033 E Washington St
317-630-6046 Psychiatrist Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC) Emily Liffick MD WHS
317-274-1362 Information 
317-274-1365 FAX 
317-274-8382 Vice Chair, Director John Nurnberger Jr MD PhD PR 116
317-274-8996 Operations Manager Freida Cormack PR 119
317-278-1716 Office/Laboratory Andrew Chambers MD PR B03
317-278-4988 Office/Laboratory Eric Engleman PhD PR M114
317-274-2706 Office/Laboratory Debomoy Lahiri PhD PR 411
317-274-3820 Office/Laboratory William McBride PhD PR 211A
317-274-6544 Office/Laboratory Alexander Niculescu MD PhD PR M107
317-278-8407 Office/Laboratory Rick Bell PhD BRTC 110
317-278-3003 Office/Laboratory Zachary Rodd PhD PR 418
317-274-8844 Research Nurse Administrator Carrie Fisher PR 108
317-963-7308 Information 
317-963-7325 FAX 
317-963-7308 Vice Chair for Administration and Director, Section of Psychology  William Kronenberger PhD GH 2800
317-963-7308 Director of Psychology Internship Training Timothy Lines PhD GH 2800
317-963-7308 Assistant Director of Psychology Internship Training Ann Lagges PhD GH 2800
317-963-7308 Psychology Section and Internship Coordinator Rita Roush GH 2800
317-963-7307 Information 
317-963-7325 FAX 
317-963-7307 Vice Chair for Education and Director, Residency Training  Joanna Chambers MD GH 2800
317-963-7307 Assistant Director, Residency Training  Michael DeMotte, MD GH 2800
317-963-7307 Residency Education Coordinator  Jeanette Souder GH 2800
317-963-7311 Administratrive Support Specialist Mary Ann Kershaw GH 2800
(2601 Cold Spring Rd, Indpls IN 46222) 
317-941-4000 Information 
317-941-4416 Superintendent Larry Lisak LC 8-1007
317-941-4010 FAX 
317-941-4048 Chief Med Officer Beth Pfau MD LC 1-2010
317-941-4278 FAX 
Adult Services
317-941-4167 Director of Research Alan Breier MD LC 8-2044
317-941-4020 Staff Psychiatrist Maria Poor MD LC 8-2052
317-941-4458 Staff Psychiatrist David Diaz MD LC 8-2050
317-941-4011 Staff Psychiatrist Emily Liffick MD LC 8-2045
317-941-4394 Staff Psychiatrist Alex Radnovich MD LC 8-2049
317-941-4469 Staff Psychiatrist Michael Webber MD LC 8-2057
317-941-4114 Staff Psychologist Tim Lines PhD LC 1-2009
317-941-4331 Staff Psychologist Joan Farrell PhD LC 8-2056
317-941-4286 Staff Psychologist Jeff Lightfoot PhD LC 8-2034
317-941-4356 Staff Psychologist Michael Pisano PhD LC 1-2038
317-941-4349 Staff Psychologist Sarah Landsberger PhD LC 1-2025
Adult Neuroscience Clinical Research
317-941-4167 Clinical Psychiatrist Alan Breier MD LC 8-2044
317-941-4293 Study Coordinator Nikki Mehdiyoun LC 8-2043
317-941-4287 Research Assistant  LC 8-2036
317-941-4435 EEG Lab  LC 8-2053
317-941-4487 FAX 
Youth Services
317-941-4258 Psychiatrist Suzanne Blix MD LC 8-1093
317-941-4048 Psychiatrist Beth Pfau MD LC 1-2010
317-941-4277 Psychiatrist Judith Bealke MD LC 8-1092
317-941-4222 Youth Services Staff Psychologist  LC 8-4013
317-941-4158 Youth Services Staff Psychologist John Spanke PhD LC 8-4010
317-554-0000 Information 
317-988-5204 FAX 
317-988-3853 Chief-Psychiatry Service  Aimee Mayeda MD VA 116A
317-988-3356 Chief, Patient Care Services-Mental Health Susan Jones CNS VA 116A
317-988-3856 Administrative Officer  Syvonne Carter VA 116A
317-988-2906 Program Assistant Kimberly Mathews VA 116A
317-988-2514 Director SATS Sean O'Connor MD VA 116A
317-988-2001 Staff Psychiatrist PACC Alexander Niculescu MD VA 116A
317-988-2796 Staff Psychiatrist PACC Frederick Rauscher MD VA 116A
317-988-3551 Staff Psychiatrist PACC Mary Landy MD VA 116A
317-988-4269 Staff Psychiatrist PACC Valerie Smith-Gamble MD VA 116A
317-988-4386 Staff Psychiatrist PACC Rodney Deaton MD VA 116A
317-988-2360 Staff Psychiatrist – CL Eric Boss MD VA 116A
317-988-2027 Staff Psychiatrist PACC Harpriya Bhagar MD VA 116A
317-988-2550 Staff Psychiatrist OIOEF Sheryl Sweeney MD VA 116A
317-988-2537 Staff Psychiatrist OIOEF Suzannah Sorg MD VA 116A
317-988-2523 Director CDTP David Wagner MD VA 116A
317-988-2568 Director Inpatient Unit Paula Mathewson MD VA 116A
317-988-2775 Director PACC Steven Herman PhD VA 116A
317-988-2743 Staff Psychologist PACC Carol Wright-Buckley PhD VA 116A
317-988-3688 Staff Psychologist PACC Bradley Mossbarger PhD VA 116A
317-988-3538 Staff Psychologist C&P Stephanie Callaway PsyD VA 116A
317-988-2006 Neuro PhD – CL PACC Kriscinda Whitney PhD VA 116A
317-988-2546 Director Voc Rehab Paul Lysaker PhD VA 116A
317-988-2558 Staff Psychologist CDTP Iris Crider-Nash PhD VA 116A
317-988-2441 Staff Psychologist Gold Samantha Apel PsyD VA 116A
317-988-3872 Staff Psychologist Polytrauma Heidi Knock PsyD VA 116A
317-988-2906 Staff Psychologist Blue Robert Morales PsyD VA 116A
317-988-3365 Director Domiciliary Laura Otis-Miles PhD VA 116A
317-988-3366 Staff Psychologist PACC Yu-Fan Kelly PhD VA 116A
317-988-9610 Staff Psychologist Gold Shannon Woller PsyD VA 116A
317-988-1647 Staff Psychologist Domiciliary Jared Outcalt PhD VA 116A
317-988-3473 Staff Psychologist Orange Samantha Outcalt PhD VA 116A
317-988-4286 Staff Psychologist Local Recovery Coordinator Scott Patterson VA 116A
317-988-3367 Staff Psychologist OIOEF Donna Lazarick VA 116A
317-988-4523 Staff Psychologist Research Louanne Davis PhD VA 116A
317-988-5328 Staff Psychologist PCT David Tarr PhD VA 116A