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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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714 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202-3297
317-274-3126 MAIN PHONE 
317-274-3443 FAX 
317-278-0765 Student Affairs Specialist Charisse Acklin EF 200
317-278-3776 Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management Alejandro Arrieta PhD EF 203A
317-278-3180 Financial Services Coordinator Amanda Baldwin, BSA EF 200
317-278-0380 Educational Technology Specialist, IPHTC William Fredrick Barnes, MS EF 200
317-274-6754 Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences Silvia M. Bigatti PhD EF 214
317-278-3072 Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences Kathryn Coe PhD EF 250C
317-278-6452 Assistant Research Professor, Biostatistics Joanne K. Daggy PhD HS 3027
317-278-0354 Assistant Chair for Administration and Finance Pinkie Evans MBS MSW EF 250A
317-274-3237 Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration Director David Everetts MD MPH EF 211
317-274-0820 Professor, Biostatistics Sujuan Gao PhD HS 3007
317-278-3247 Program Analyst Marion Greene MPH EF 200
317-274-5511 Manager of Student & Community Affairs Suzanne Hancock MPH EF 222
317-274-2682 Assistant Professor, Biostatistics Jaroslow Hareziak PhD HS 3037
317-278-3033 Assistant Professor, Epidemiology Chunyan He ScD R3 C241
317-274-3087 IT Support HELPNET
317-274-3148 Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences Lisa Hess PhD EF 210
278-104 Associate Professor, Health Policy & Management Ann Holmes PhD EF 204B
423-5589 Professor, Biostatistics Siu Lui Hui PhD HS 2115
317-278-0753 Student Services Coordinator, MHA & Undergraduate Programs Leah Jansen BS EF 220
317-274-3165 Professor, Health Policy and Management Stephen Jay MD EF 203B
317-274-3178 Project Manager, Indiana Public Health Training Center Kate (Nicholson) Johnson MA EF 221
317-278-5692 Lecturer, Health Policy & Management Sara Johnson MHA EF 234
317-274-3847 Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Academic Prog. & Alumni Services Carole Kacius PhD EF 215
317-274-2674 Professor and Chair Biostatistics Barry Katz PhD HS 3033
317-274-8693 Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Jong Won Kim PhD R3 C240
317-278-3362 Policy Analyst Harold Kooreman MA EF 200
317-278-5905 Social Sciences Research Coordinator Lynette Kouns BA EF 200
317-278-0343 Lecturer, Director of Health Administration Programs Paul Lang MPA EF 224
317-274-2696 Associate Professor, Biostatistics Xiaochen Li PhD HS 3011
317-274-2580 Assistant Research Professor, Biostatistics Hai Liu PhD HS 3025
317-278-6734 Assistant Professor, Biostatistics Ziyue Liu PhD HS 3043
317-278-0337 Student Services Coordinator  Shawne Mathis BS EF 223
317-274-2918 Professor, Section Head, Environmental Health Science Concentration Dir. David McSwane HSD EF 208
317-278-8086 Associate Professor, Biostatistics Patrick O. Monahan PhD RT 380G
317-278-8405 Systems Administrator, Indiana Public Health Training Center Alexander Muehlenkord MBA EF 250A
317-274-2626 Associate Professor, Biostatistics Susan M. Perkins PhD RT 380H
317-274-4242 Administrative Support Specialist Dale Ray EF 200
317-274-3126 Reception Desk for DPH Student hourly workers beginning Feb. 7, 2012 Breeanna, Candice and Faith EF 200
317-274-8589 Lecturer, Health Policy & Management Steven Reed MHA EF 250B
317-274-3752 Associate Professor, Environmental Health Science Ingrid Ritchie PhD EF 250G
317-278-4283 Associate Professor, Biostatistics Chandan K Saha PhD HS 3019
317-274-1641 Associate Professor, Biostatistics Changyu Shen PhD HS 3023
317-274-2647 Business Manager for Biostatistics Shari Draper-Stansbery HS 3009
317-278-3068 Associate Professor, Division Director for Social and Behavioral Sciences Lisa Staten PhD EF 218
317-274-3174 Associate Professor, Epidemiology Concentration Director Gregory Steele DrPH MPH EF 250E
317-278-0761 Associate Professor, Health Policy & Management Concentration Director Cynthia Stone DrPH RN EF 204A
317-278-4026 Faculty Secretary Ann Sullivan EF 200
317-278-0754 Professor, IUPUI Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Health G. Marie Swanson PhD MPH EF 250D
317-278-0552 Associate Professor, Health Policy & Management Nancy Swigonski MD MPH HS 1020
317-278-6451 Professor, Biostatistics Wanzhu Tu PhD HS 3017
317-278-3033 Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Erin Wagner PhD R3 C241
317-274-3245 Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management Dennis P. Watson PhD EF 202
317-274-3830 Research Associate Tess D. Weathers MPH EF 200
317-278-3070 Assistant Professor, Epidemiology Jennifer Wessel PhD EF 250F
317-278-0382 Financial Secretary DeeDee Whittaker EF 200
317-274-0388 Professor, Associate Chair for Global and Community Health Interim Division Director for Health Policy & Management Gregory Wilson MD EF 203
317-274-3161 Professor, Interim Chair Director, Center for Health Policy Eric Wright PhD EF 201
317-278-6735 Assistant Professor, Biostatistics Huiping Xu PhD HS 3065
317-278-3045 Professor, Biostatistics Concentration Director Constantin Yiannoutsos PhD HS 3031
317-274-4287 Assistant Professor, Epidemiology Jianjun Zhang MD PhD EF 209
317-278-0307 Professor and Division Director for Epidemiology Director of Epidemiology Doctoral Program Terrell Zollinger DrPH MSPH EF 205
274-3443 (fax) Copier/Fax Workroom  EF 231
317-274-5183 Small Conference Room  EF 233
317-278-9635 Large Conference Room  EF 235
317-274-9908 Library  EF 225
630-9033 Lobby Guard  Lobby
317-278-3015 Student Lab  EF 220A
317-274-3126 Departmental Phone - main line  EF 200
573-6060 REI Building Maintenance  REI Corporate Offices