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IUPUI Departmental Listings

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944-1866 Department Chair Valerie Jackson MD UH 0663
944-1866 Administrative Assistant Janice Yowell UH 0663
317-274-4328 Director Operations Rita McFarland UH 0663
944-1837 Vice Chair Clinical and Clinical Director Kenneth Buckwalter MD UH 0663
948-6307 Vice Chair Education  Richard Gunderman MD PhD RI 1053
317-274-3687 Vice Chair Research Gary D Hutchins PhD R2 E124
Radiology Section Chiefs
944-8832 Abdominal Imaging John Lappas MD
944-8832 Chest/Thoracic/Cardiac Imaging Shawn Teague MD UH 0663
630-6122 Emergency Radiology  Jeffrey Dunkle MD
317-274-1840 Interventional Radiology Daniel Wertman MD & Thomas Casciani MD
317-278-4946 Breast Imaging/Mammography Hal Kipfer MD UH 0663
944-1837 Musculoskeletal Imaging Robert Choplin MD UH 0663
944-3394 Neuroradiology Mary Edwards-Brown RI 1053
944-8832 Nuclear Medicine James Fletcher MD UH 0655A
948-6307 Pediatric Radiology Boaz Karmazyn MD PhD RI 1053
Radiology Geographic Chiefs
688-3045 Clarian North Hospital Barbara Sauaner MD
217-3136 Clarian West Hospital  David Brown MD
944-8832 Indiana University Hospital Dewey Conces MD UH 0663
962-3137 Methodist Hospital Jonas Rydberg MD Meth
944-1837 Outreach Kenneth Buckwalter MD UH 0663
317-278-6305 Riley Hospital  Boaz Karmazyn MD PhD RI 1053
988-2493 Roudebush VA Donald Schauwecker PhD MD VA A259
630-1626 Wishard Memorial Himanshu Shah MD WHS
Financial Support/Human Resources 
317-274-4333 Financial Officer/Human Resources Dawn Molnar R2 E002F
317-274-4482 Assistant Business Manager Tammy Fajfer R2 E002
715-6455 FAX – Financial Services  EF 100
Computer & Network Services 
715-6445 Director Computer Network Services Michael Stiefel EF 100
715-6440 Computer/Network Help Desk  EF 100
715-6388 Computer Support  EF 100
715-6441 Computer Support Linda Herring EF 100
715-6410 Computer Specialist Carolyn Pettigrew EF 100
(714 N Senate Avenue, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46202) 
715-6407 Executive Director Randall Luckey EF 100
715-6413 Chief Operating Officer Rita McFarland EF 100
715-6402 Credentialing/Scheduling Paula Marsh EF 100
715-6416 Outreach Manager Katrina Boyle EF 100
948-6307 Vice Chair Education  Richard Gunderman MD PhD RI 1053
317-274-1863 Library Coordinator Willi Gurka UH 0641
317-278-0144 Fesler Hall – Classroom B  FH 2nd Fl
Residency Program
944-3424 Director of Residency Program Darel Heitkamp MD UH 0641
948-2449 Education Coordinator Lois Shuman UH 0641
317-278-2381 Assistant Education Coordinator Jennifer Mardis UH 0641
Medical Student Clerkship Program
948-6307 Director of Medical Student Clerkship Richard Gunderman MD PhD RI 1053
948-6302 Radiology Clerkship Coordinator Ruth Patterson RI 1053
Fellowship Program
317-274-4674 Director of Fellowship Programs Annette Douglas-Akinwande MD UN 0615
317-274-1840 Radiology Fellowship Coordinator Kathleen Pedersen UH 0279
Education Research & Technology
715-6385 Director of Educational Technology Mark Frank MD EF 100
715-6389 Operations Manager Ronald Fraley EF 100
715-6408 Education Program Manager  Jennifer Steele MS EF 100
715-6380 FAX  EF 100
Vice Chairman for Research
317-274-3687 John W. Beeler Professor of Radiology  Gary Hutchins, PhD R2 E124E
Section of Imaging Sciences
317-274-3687 Institute Director  Gary Hutchins, PhD R2 E124E
317-274-4037 Director of Tracer & Contrast Services  Clive Brown-Proctor, PhD L3 204
317-278-9839 Assistant Professor, Radiology  Ulrike Dydak, PhD R2 E002G
317-278-9719 Assistant Research Professor  Mingzhang Gao, PhD L3 223
317-278-9844 Director - IIBIS Tracer & Contrast Development  Mark Green, PhD R2 E124C
317-274-3815 Assistant Research Professor  Sungeun Kim, PhD R2 E169C
317-274-1843 Associate Professor, Medical Physicist  Yun Liang, PhD R2 E176
317-278-6572 Assistant Professor, Clinical Radiology  Chen Lin, PhD R2 E166
317-278-8878 Assistant Professor, Neuroimaging  Brenna McDonald, PsyD R2 E180
317-278-9845 Associate Professor, Radiology  Kris Mosier, DMD PhD R2 E156
317-274-1595 Assistant Research Professor  Kwangsik Nho, PhD R2 E153
317-278-6947 Director - IIBIS Center for Neuroimaging  Andrew Saykin, PsyD R2 E124B
317-278-0498 Assistant Professor, Radiology  Li Shen, PhD R2 E159C
317-278-0795 Assistant Professor, Radiology  Keith Stantz, PhD R2 E174
317-278-3313 Associate Research Professor  Paul Territo, PhD R2 E002C
317-278-9719 Assistant Research Professor  Min Wang, PhD L3 223
317-278-3013 Assistant Research Professor  Yang Wang, PhD R2 E155
317-278-9840 Assistant Professor, Radiology  Karmen Yoder, PhD R2 E159B
317-278-4671 Associate Professor, Radiology  Qi-Huang Zheng, PhD L3 208
Administrative Support
317-274-1975 Contract & Grant Coordinator  Sheri Mundy R2 E002E
317-278-4423 Industry Partnerships Coordinator  Courtney Robbins R2 E125
317-278-9830 Medical Writer  Greg Jennings, MD R2 E002D
317-274-2067 Administrative Assistant  Thea Sanders R2 E124
317-278-0505 Administrative Assistant  Barbara Sparks R2 E124
Technical & IT Support
317-278-6657 IT Operations Manager  Sundar Paramasivam R2 E159A
317-278-3384 Research Analysis  Scott Persohn R2 E107
317-278-8887 Hardware/Software Engineer  Victor Soon R2 E173
317-278-9843 Engineer  Larry Corbin R2 E173B
Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS)
317-274-3687 Institute Director  Gary Hutchins, PhD R2 E124E
317-274-0856 Institute Medical Director  Shawn Teague, MD R2 E178
317-278-6947 Director - IIBIS Center for Neuroimaging  Andrew Saykin, PsyD R2 E124B
317-278-9844 Director - IIBIS Tracer & Contrast Development  Mark Green, PhD R2 E124C
944-1800 Director - IIBIS Center for Cancer Imaging  James W. Fletcher, MD UH
Office for Research Imaging
317-278-6602 Program & Imaging Coordinator  Jason Shine R2 E143
317-274-2321 Scheduling & RECIST Measurement Coordinator  Catherine Smith R2 E143
317-274-2321 Administrative Assistant  Nicklaus Hill R2 E143
317-278-4423 Clinical Imaging Assistance  Michele Beal R2 E125
317-274-2570 Regulatory Assistance - Radiation Safety  Kevin Perry R2 E129
317-278-9830 Regulatory Assistance - IRB  Greg Jennings R2 E002D
317-278-9367 Regulatory Assistance - IACUC  Amanda Riley R2 E002H
Clinical Imaging Core
317-274-0856 Medical Director - IIBIS Shawn Teague, MD R2 E178
317-278-4423 Lead Imaging Technologist - IIBIS Clinical Imaging  Michele Beal R2 E125
317-278-4423 Imaging Technologist (MRI)  Courtney Robbins R2 E125
317-274-2570 Imaging Technologist (PET)  Kevin Perry R2 E129
317-278-3313 Imaging Technologist (PET)  Wendy Territo R2 E002C
317-278-4423 MRI Scanner (R2) 
317-274-2570 PET Scanner (R2) 
Pre-Clinical Imaging Core
317-278-3313 Lead Scientist - PreClinical Imaging  Paul Territo, PhD R2 E002C
317-278-9367 Pre-Clinical Imaging Technologist  Brian McCarthy R2 E002H
317-278-9367 Pre-Clinical Imaging Technician  Amanda Riley R2 E002H
Radiotracer & Cyclotron Facility
317-278-9844 Director of Tracer & Contrast Center  Mark Green, PhD R2 E124C
317-274-4037 Director of Tracer & Contrast Services  Clive Brown-Proctor, PhD L3 204
317-278-9712 Radiochemistry Technologist  Barbara Glick-Wilson L3 004
317-278-9712 Radiochemistry Technologist  Brandon Steele, MS L3 004
Center for Neuroimaging
317-278-6947 Director - IIBIS Center for Neuroimaging  Andrew Saykin, PsyD, ACBN R2 E124B
317-278-0708 Systems Administrator-Neuroimaging  John West R2 E159A
see link for all:
Center for Cancer Imaging
944-1800 Director - IIBIS Center for Cancer Imaging  James W. Fletcher, MD UH
944-1840 Director - MRI  Fatih Akisik, MD UH
317-274-0856 Medical Director  Shawn Teague, MD R2 E178
317-274-3687 Institute Director  Gary Hutchins, PhD R2 E124E
317-278-9844 Director of Tracer & Contrast Center  Mark Green, PhD R2 E124C
317-278-9839 Assistant Professor, Radiology  Ulrike Dydak, PhD R2 E002G
317-278-4671 Associate Professor, Radiology  Qi-Huang Zheng, PhD L3 208
317-278-9845 Associate Professor, Radiology  Kris Mosier, DMD, PhD R2 E156
317-274-1843 Associate Professor, Medical Physicist Yun Liang, PhD R2 E176
317-278-6572 Assistant Professor, Clinical Radiology  Chen Lin, PhD R2 E166
IT & Engineering
317-278-9843 Systems Engineer  Larry Corbin R2 E173B
317-278-6657 IT Operations Manager  Sundar Paramasivam R2 E159A
944-8832 Director James Fletcher MD UH 0655A
944-8832 Secretary to the Director Sana Benzinger UH 0615
317-274-1806 FAX  UH0655
IU Hospital Nuclear Medicine
944-8832 Chief Clinical Services  James Fletcher MD UH 0655A
317-274-7777 Scheduling & Information  UH 06550A
948-8782 Physician Staff  Mark Tann MD UH 0655B
317-274-4308 Physician Staff  Stephen Westphal MD UH 0279
317-274-4688 Cardiac Exercise Test Scheduling Cindy Wyse RCT UH 4615
317-274-1796 FAX  UH 0650A
Methodist Hospital Nuclear Medicine
962-3507 Chief of Clinical Services Mark Estrada MD
962-3580 Scheduling & Information 
Riley Hospital Nuclear Medicine
948-6311 Chief of Clinical Services Aslam Siddiqui MD RI 1053L
317-278-6317 Scheduling & Information  RI 1061
317-278-6317 Supervisor Cheryll Shiplett BA CNMT RI 1061B
317-274-2920 FAX  RI 1053
Roudebush VA Nuclear Medicine
988-2493 Chief of Radiology Services  Donald Schauwecker MD PhD VA A259
988-2212 Information & Scheduling  VA A259
988-4651 Physician Staff   VA
988-2494 Chief Technologist Becky Hall BS CNMT VA A261
988-0178 FAX  VA C232
988-2135 Physicist Robert M Witt PhD VA A256
Wishard Hospital Nuclear Medicine
630-6171 Chief of Clinical Services Aslam Siddiqui MD WHS NM041
630-7226 Scheduling & Information  WHS NM005
630-7226 Chief Technologist Tom Custer BS CNMT WHS NM043
656-4028 FAX  WHS NM047
317-274-3802 Information  CL 120
317-274-5254 Director/Associate Professor  Bruce Long MS RT CL 144
317-274-3802 Academic Support Specialist  Donna Clark MPA CL 120
317-274-4074 FAX  CL 120
944-1866 Medical Director Valerie Jackson MD UH 0663
317-274-7431 Nuclear Medicine Director Judith Kosegi MS NMT CL 137
317-274-5253 Associate Professor Sarah S Baker EdD RT CL 135
317-274-5188 Associate Professor Linda Cox MS RT CL 142
317-278-6325 Clinical Associate Professor - RI Susan Robinson MS RT (R) RI 1053
317-274-5255 Associate Professor – WHS John Rafert MS RT CL 133
782-6442 Clinical Lecturer, St. Francis  Kellie Hart CL120
988-2554 Clinical Lecturer, VA Sara Lambert ASRT CL 120
317-274-5252 Clinical Assistant Professor Angie Devore BSRT CL 120
317-274-1821 FAX-Clarian Purchasing/Payroll  UH 0281
317-274-3408 Administrative Director Radiology Richard Helsper UH 1615D
317-274-1864 Purchasing Coordinator Deanna Bedrick UH 0631
274-1844/274-4221 Film Loan  UH 0276
317-274-4515 Manager Radiology Shelly Kordes UH 0607
Inpatient Scheduling & Information
317-278-9729 Central Scheduling: CT/MRI/Mammography/Ultrasound 
317-274-4831 Interventional Scheduling  UH 0313
317-274-4835 Flouro/Barium Kitchen  UH 0265
317-274-1844 Film Loan  UH 0631
Adult Outpatient Center
317-274-4600 Outpatient Information  UH 1009
317-278-7785 Secry to Interventional Radiologists  UH 0279
944-1837 Secry to Musculoskeletal/Body Radiologists  Sita Hanki UH 0663
944-8832 Secry, Neuro/Nuclear Medicine/Chest/Body  Sana Benzinger UH 0663
317-278-6305 Director of Pediatric Radiology Boaz Karmazyn MD RI 1053
948-6303 Secretary Rhonda Gerding RI 1053
317-274-2920 FAX – Office Area  RI 1053
317-278-6308 Pediatric Radiology Mervyn D Cohen MB ChB MD RI 1053
317-278-6313 Pediatric Radiology Donald Corea DO RI 1053
944-3394 Pediatric Neuroradiology Mary K Edwards-Brown MD RI 1053
948-6307 Pediatric Radiology Richard Gunderman MD RI 1053
317-278-6312 Pediatric Interventional Radiology Francis Marshalleck MD RI 1053
948-6311 Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Aslam Siddiqui MD RI 1053
317-278-6324 Manager Radiology Nancy Davison RI 1030
317-278-6314 Supervisor Kelly Piersall RI 1034A
317-278-6351 Radiology Nurse Marie Holder RN RI 1056
317-278-6350 Radiology Nurse Pamela Monroe RN RI 1056
317-278-6332 Film Loan Supervisor  Jan Spence RI 1034A
948-6302 Radiology Clerkship Ruth Patterson RI 1053
317-278-6325 Radiological Sciences  Susan Robinson MS RT (R) RI 1034E
Scheduling & Information
317-278-6300 Information/Registration 
317-278-1537 FAX – Requisitions 
317-278-9729 Central Scheduling  RI 1421
317-278-6329 Film Loan  RI 1022B
317-278-6317 Nuclear Medicine Scheduling   RI 1058
317-278-9729 MRI Non-Neuro Scheduling   RI 1421
317-274-2566 MRI Scheduling  RI MRI
988-4867 Secretary  Robin Barnett VA
988-2212 Information & Scheduling  VA C2037(114)
988-2493 Chief of Radiology Services Donald Schauwecker MD PhD VA C2043(115)
988-2498 Program Assistant/Account Manager  Cynthia Reese VA 2175(114)
988-3892 FAX – MRI 
988-0178 FAX – Nuclear Medicine 
988-2807 Main Imaging Reading Room  VA C2037(114)
988-2378 Ultrasound Radiology   VA C2051(114)
988-4483 General Imaging  VA C2037(114)
317-988-4643 Vascular/Interventional Radiology  VA C2037(114)
988-3368 Business Manager Susan Cook VA C2025(114)
988-2212 Radiological Sciences  Linda Cox MS RT VA C2037(114)
988-2886 Clinical Manager Kevin Kaiser RT VA C2024(114)
988-3390 MRI Scheduling/Information  Amanda Wright VA B-B409
630-6126 Chief of Radiology Services  Himanshu Shah MD WHS
630-7597 Secretary Norma Jean Read WHS
630-6174 Administrative Secretary - IRP Dawn Wafford WHS
630-7053 FAX – Director’s Office  WHS
656-3919 Breast Imaging/Mammography Hal Kipfer MD WHS
630-6133 Abdominal Imaging John Lappas MD WHS
630-6123 Neuroradiology Eric Awwad MD WHS
630-6138 Musculoskeletal Imaging Donald Kreipke MD WHS
630-6127 Chest Radiology Robert Tarver MD WHS
630-6124 Radiology Supervisor  Keith Fink RT WHS
630-6150 Chief Technologist Greg Hegyi WHS
630-8788 Technical Services Coordinator Beth Ward WHS
Scheduling & Information 
630-7382 Inpatient Radiology Scheduling  WHS
630-8689 CT/MRI - Inpatient  WHS
655-2255 Health Connections – CT/MRI Outpatient  WHS
630-6401 Regenstrief Outpatient Scheduling  WHS
656-3901 St. Margaret’s Breast Center   WHS
630-6555 Abdominal/Body Ultrasound   WHS
630-6570 ER Radiology   WHS
630-6148 Main Film Loan  WHS
630-6151 Interventional Suite  WHS
630-6151 Cardiac Cath Lab  WHS