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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-278-2750 Testing Center 
317-278-2288 Placement Testing Information 
317-274-2620 National Testing & Independent Studies Information   BS3000
317-278-2214 Director Howard R. Mzumara LV116
317-278-2288 Assistant Director Kent Stoelting LV116
317-278-2750 Senior Administrative Secretary Janet Epps LV116
317-274-6916 Testing Services Coordinator for Classroom Assessment Kristi Cobble SL070
317-278-5437  Melvina Hill SL070
317-274-3325 Evaluation and Data Processing Services Coordinator Kate Forrest LV116
317-274-2620 Testing Services Coordinator Leah Kirkpatrick BS3000
317-274-2620 Assistant Coordinator Elizabeth Smith BS3000