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Indiana University

IUPUI Departmental Listings

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317-274-4357 Support Center 
Online chat support available at (24 hour computing support on the WWW)
317-274-5555 Switchboard and Contact Center 
317-274-8400 Classroom Technology Support 
317-274-6577 Local Support Provider Services 
317-274-2444 Receptionist  IT 500
812-856-2337 Press Room Ceci Jones
317-274-3004 Telephone Services, Faculty/Staff 
812-855-4455 Telephone Services, Residential 
812-855-5487 Ombudsman - UITS 
317-274-4357 Computer Security Emergency Response 
Accounts and Passwords
317-274-4357 Accounts and Passwords 
317-274-0706 Billing 
Electronic Mail and Messaging
317-274-4357 Electronic Mail and Messaging  IT 100
Helpnet Technology Services
317-274-3087 Director of Information Technology Carl Rhine BS 0001
317-278-2378 Internet Systems Manager Tony Herring BS 0001
317-274-7773 Web Programmer Fred Haver BS 0001
317-274-3087 Client Support Team Leader Kevin Steiner BS 0001
Information Systems
812-855-7702 Enterprise Decision Support Services 
812-856-9049 Enterprise Services Integration 
812-855-0718 Enterprise Web Technical Services 
812-855-4190 Research Administration Services  Geoff McGregor 2709 E 10th St
812-856-1054 E-Commerce  Melanie Ebdon 2709 E 10th St
812-856-1054 Fiscal and Procurement Systems  Melanie Ebdon 2709 E 10th St
812-856-1054 HRMS  Melanie Ebdon 2709 E 10th St
812-856-0488 Libraries  Matt Sargent 2709 E 10th St
317-274-4357 Oncourse 
812-855-7014 Student Information System (SIS)  2709 E 10th
317-278-0278 Computer Data Center/Operations  IT 300
317-278-0279 Operations Supervisor Thomas “Gregg” Canary IT 031
502-5038 Cellular 
317-278-5620 Dial-In Services 56k, PPP (IU Networks and Internet) 4 hour limit 
317-274-7788 Network Operations Center  IT 300
812-856-3883 New Network Planning and Installation  2709 E 10th St
IT Communications Office
812-856-1242 IT Communications Office  Daphne Siefert-Herron 2709 E 10th St
Labs, Classrooms, and Instructional Resources
317-278-2305 Classroom Technology Design  IT 200
317-274-8400 Classroom Technology Support  ES 2112
317-274-8400 Classroom Technology Services   ES 2112
317-274-8400 Classroom Equipment Orders   ES 2112
317-274-1300 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)  UL 1125
812-855-0953 Digital Music Library
812-855-3877 Library Electronic Text Resource Service (LETRS)  Wells Library
317-274-0779 Student Technology Centers (STC)  IT 131
317-274-4580 Adaptive Technology & Accessibility Centers  IT 131
812-855-7487 Residential Technology Centers (RTC)  Teter F206 IUB
812-855-4499 User Experience Group (UXG)  2711 E 10th St IUB
317-274-5555 Switchboard and Call Center  IT 100
317-274-3002 Paging Service  IT 200
317-274-3043 Teleconference Call Requests   IT 100
317-274-3004 Telephone Customer Service & Training, Faculty/Staff  IT 200
317-274-3004 Telephone Repair  IT 200
317-274-3004 Telephone Services Information  IT 200
Security and Policies
317-274-4357 Computer Security Emergency Response  IT 300
812-855-8476 University Information Policy Office  2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-8476 University Information Security Office  2709 E 10th St IUB
Supercomputing, Data Analysis, Visualization, and Storage
317-274-3647 Advanced Visualization Laboratory  IT 400
812-856-4404 Bioinformatics Services  2711 E 10th St IUB
317-278-1208 Advanced Biomedical IU Core  IT 400
317-274-4740 Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing  IT 400
812-855-7211 Data Capacitor
812-855-5492 Data Management Support  2711 E 10th St IUB
812-855-4454 Research Storage  IT 400
812-855-6865 Geographic Information Technologies
812-855-4021 High Performance Systems  IT 400
812-856-7411 High Performance Applications  IT 400
812-855-9574 Core Services – formerly UNIX Systems Support Group  IT 400
317-278-9699 Open Science Grid 
Training and Workshops
317-274-7383 IT Training & Education  IT 225G
317-274-3004 Cable TV (IUPUI)  IT 214H
812-855-2111 Cable TV (IUB)  2177 E 10th St
812-856-2020 Collaboration Technologies (Video Conferencing) (IUB)  2711 E 10th St
Web Publishing
812-855-8050 Webmaster  2711 E 10th St
Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, Office of
Client Services and Support
812-856-3527 Associate Vice President Cathy O'Bryan 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-0753 Administrative Assistant  Lisa Liford 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-5166 Director, Client Services Duane Schau 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-7676 Administrative Assistant  Julie Bennett Dreesen 2709 E 10th St
812-856-4143 Director, Client Support  Constance Ford 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-5123 Administrative Assistant  Jolene Headley 2709 E 10th St IUB
Clinical Affairs Information Technology Services
317-278-8751 CIO, Clinical Affairs & Associate Vice President of IT  Vincent Sheehan IT 409C
317-278-8751 Office Coordinator  JoAnn Pipkin IT 499B
317-278-7407 Chief Technology Operations Officer  Kevin Cusimano IT 310
317-278-8884 Chief Information Security Officer  Andrew Marsh IT 331
317-274-5249 Manager, Application Integration, Web, & BI  Scott Hemmerlein IT 214G
317-274-8870 Manager, Systems Infrastructure  Patrick Phillips IT 314C
317-278-1859 Manager, Client Services, Client Migration, Multi Media Technology Services  Lisa Schunk IT 110C
812-855-4786 Manager, Client Services  Jeff Johnson 800 E Atwater Ave IUB
Enterprise Systems
317-278-7533 Associate Vice President Rob Lowden 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-3805 Administrative Assistant  Katie Burnworth 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-787 Director, Enterprise Business Systems James Thomas 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-7280 Director, Enterprise Student Systems Laurie Sullivan 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-0055 Director, Enterprise Software Aaron Neal 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-4969 Administrative Assistant December Smedley 2709 E 10th St IUB
Finance Office
812-855-0890 Finance Officer, Financial Planning, Budget Administration and Accounting  Douglas Mayo 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-5123 Administrative Assistant  Jolene Headley 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-7784 Associate Director, Analytics and Reporting Breda Lane 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-2504 Associate Director, Operations Rhonda Inman 2709 E 10th St IUB
Human Resources Office
812-855-1914 Human Resources Office Deb Allmayer 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-1499 Manager, Human Resources Juliana Tagliaferri 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-6898 Human Resources Business Partner  Kristopher Ying 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-2931 Human Resources Business Partner  Jill Scott 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-0834 HR Recruitment Coordinator Lynda C Johnson ICTC IUPUI
812-855-7376 Payroll and HR Transaction Associate Jackie Vest 2709 E 10th St IUB
Learning Technologies
317-274-3479 Associate Vice President & Dean of IT Anastasia S Morrone IT 409B
317-274-1630 Administrative Assistant Joshua Sullivan IT 499A
317-274-6820 Director, Learning Spaces Julie Johnston IT 219
812-855-7288 Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies Matthew Gunkel 2709 E 10th St
317-278-1570 Director, Faculty Engagement & Outreach John Gosney IT 225
317-274-2444 Departmental Secretary Robin Ingram IT 100
317-274-0763 Associate Vice President Dave Jent 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-4505 Administrative Assistant Janice Kent 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-0419 Director, Engineering Jon Paul Herron 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-0978 Director, GlobalNOC Software & Systems Luke Fowler 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-0164 Director, Indiana HE Networking - I-Light GlobalNOC Service Desk Marianne Chitwood 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-0295 Director, International Networking Jennifer M Schopf 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-1784 Director, Telecommunication Infrastructure Kirt Guinn 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-4780 Executive Director, InCNTRE Steve Wallace 2709 E 10th St IUB
Public Safety and Institutional Assurance
812-855-0326 Associate Vice President Mark Bruhn 1469 E 17th St IUB
812-855-2004 Administrative Assistant  Ashley Goodroad 1469 E 17th St, Rm 146 IUB
812-855-7014 Chief Privacy Officer Sara Chambers 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-2279 University Information Policy Officer Eric Cosens 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-7451 Chief Security Officer Tom Davis 2709 E 10th St IUB
317-278-6248 University Information Security Officer Andrew Korty ICTC IUPUI
812-855-7676 Administrative Assistant Julie Bennett Dreesen 2709 E 10th St IUB
317-278-4815 Executive Diretor, REN-ISAC Kim Milford 2719 E 10th St IUB
812-855-3846 Technical Director, REN-ISAC Doug Pearson 2709 E 10th St IUB
317-278-5387 Membership Services Director  Todd Herring ICTC IUPUI
Regional Campuses
317-274-3022 Regional Campus Chief Information Officer-IUK, IUN, IUSB, IUE, IUPUC, IUS Elizabeth Van Gordon IT 500
765-973-8555 Administrative Assistant Aimee Thompson Hayes Hall, IUE
765-455-9221 Administrative Assistant  Lisa Frank SM 212, IUK
219-980-6706 Administrative Assistant Bernadette Resto Lindenwood 220, IUN
574-520-5566 Administrative Assistant June Hall AI 132, IUSB
812-941-2259 Administrative Assistant Lindsey Cook KV 014, IUS
Research Technologies
812-856-6339 Assoc Vice President, Research Technologies  Matthew Link 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-5595 Administrative Assistant Rudeana Honeycutt 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-7411 Director, Science Community Tools  Robert Henschel 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-4911 Director, Visualization and Analytics Eric Wernert 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-3107 Senior Technical Advisor  Tony Walker 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-4810 Program Director, Community Engagement and Interoperability  Therese Miller 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-855-4021 Program Director, Advanced Cyberinfrastructure  David Hancock 2709 E 10th St IUB
812-856-5303 Administrative Assistant Kim Wagner 2709 E 10th St IUB