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Indiana University

IU Kokomo Departmental Listings

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765-455-9555 Chief Information Officer  Beth Van Gordon KO 290F
765-455-9210 Executive Director  Craig Swoverland KA127B
765-455-9315 IT Support Center Manager  Kelly Gebhart KA 127
765-455-9008 IT Support Technician  Michelle Trueblood KO 56
765-455-9560 Associate Director, IT Support  Garrett Harper KA 127A
765-455-9201 IT Support Technician  Chris Butte KO 56
765-455-9488 Associate Director, Learning Collaboration  Rudy Kizer KO 56
765-455-9361 Associate Director, Web Services  Johnathan Grant KA 127
765-455-9479 Web Customer and Content Manager  Kathy Kennedy KA 127
765-455-9589 IT Training Manager  Gregory Ogle KA 124
765-455-9424 IT Training Specialist  Michael Lynch KA 124