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Indiana University

IU Kokomo Departmental Listings

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765-455-9381 Information  KO 238
765-455-9385 Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success, Associate Professor of Psychology  Christina Downey KO 211C
765-455-9454 Assistant Professor of Psychology  Jeff Batis KO 211E
765-455-9401 Associate Professor of Psychology  Sharon Calhoon KE 340
765-455-9342 Associate Professor of Psychology  Kevin Clark KO 211
765-455-9522 Assistant Professor of Psychology Vanessa Costello-Harris KO 211L
765-455-9456 Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology  Rosalyn Davis KO 211D
765-455-9452 Associate┬áProfessor and Chair of Psychology  Kathryn Truax Holcomb KO 211H
765-455-9542 Lecturer in Psychology  Gin Morgan KO 211G
765-455-9381 Department Secretary  Julie Kendall KO 238
765-455-9566 FAX