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Indiana University

IU Northwest Departmental Listings

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219-980-6991 Information 
219-981-4219 FAX 
219-980-6991 Admissions Processor I  Felecia Edwards Hawthorn 100
219-980-6823 Admissions Processor I  Debbie Dennison Hawthorn 101
219-980-6760 Admissions Counselor  Charmaine Connelly Hawthorn 100
219-981-4261 Admissions Counselor Candace Rayburn Hawthorn 100C
219-981-5689 Admissions Counselor Kevin Smith Hawthorn 100D
219-980-6848 Admissions Counselor  Kathy Spicer Hawthorn 100
219-980-6500 Switchboard Operator  Elexis Currin Hawthorn 100
219-980-6994 Director of Admissions  Dorothy Frink Hawthorn 100