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Indiana University

IU Northwest Departmental Listings

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219-981-4357 Support Center (24/7) 
219-980-6517 FAX 
219-980-7202 Chief Information Officer  Elizabeth Van Gordon Hawthorn 108C
219-980-7758 Executive Director Information Technology  Carol Wood Hawthorn 108D
219-981-4210 Director, Telecommunications and Networking  Steven Fejdasz Hawthorn 108H
219-980-7203 Director, Instructional Media Center  Aaron Pigors Hawthorn 315
219-981-5628 Director, Microcomputer Support Services  Mark Uncapher Raintree 213C
219-980-7204 Manager of Classroom Technical Services  Ryan Lesniewski Hawthorn 316
219-980-6816 Manager, Media Deisgn and Production  Tome Trajkovski Hawthorn 318
219-980-6922 Manager, Microcomputer Services  Ryan Vega Raintree 213B
219-980-6548 Web Manager  Myriam Young Lindenwood 220
219-980-7205 Web & Database Programmer  Eric Dongu Lindenwood 221
219-980-7208 Micro Computer Tech 1  Jeff Gilmore Raintree 204
219-980-6678 System Analyst/Developer  Michael Griffith Lindenwood 219
219-980-7753 Web Developer II  Nicolle Hanson Lindenwood 218
219-981-4211 Micro Computer Tech II  Larry Hayden Raintree 204
219-980-6599 Telecommunications Technician  Samuel Ingram Hawthorn 108H
219-980-6652 Web Developer III  Kenneth Jones Lindenwood 219
219-980-7276 Network Specialist  Jim Lopez Hawthorn 108
219-980-7260 System Administrator  Andrew Pusz Hawthorn 108
219-980-6706 Administrative Assistant  Bernadette Resto Hawthorn 108A
219-981-4359 Microcomputer Tech I  Agustin Reyes Raintree 203
219-980-6820 Audio Visual Services Manager  Larobson Seals Hawthorn 311
219-981-4284 Support Center Coordinator  Velate Sullivan Hawthorn 108B
219-980-7206 User Support Specialist STC  Melissa Borter Hawthorn 108