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IU South Bend Departmental Listings

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Health Sciences, Vera Z. Dwyer College of
574-520-4571 Information   NS 474A
574-520-4461 Fax   NS 416
574-520-5511 Dean & Professor of College of Health Sciences  Thomas F. Fisher NS 460
574-520-4207 Academic Operations Manager  Shelly Pass NS 462
574-520-4238 Assistant Dean for Student Success  Janielle Tchakerian NS 415
574-520-4540 Office Manager  Laurie A. Richards NS 416
574-520-4831 Academic Advisor  Christine A. Behrend-Nelson NS 420
574-520-4306 Academic Advisor  Maria N. Vilardo NS 422
574-520-4373 Academic Advisor  Lori A. White NS 418
Applied Health Sciences, School of
574-520-5240 FAX  NS 458
574-520-4405 Assistant Dean School of Applied Health Sciences, Senior Clinical Lecturer  Kristyn Quimby NS 458
Dental Education
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Health Sciences
574-520-4187 Program Director  Ian Clift NS 411
574-520-4691 Clinical Assistant Professor  Dawn Hopkins NS 413
574-520-4504 Department Secretary Sharquida Markham NS 474B
Clinical Lab Sciences
574-520-4568 Clinical Instructor Barbara Spinda RS 157
Speech Language Pathology
574-520-4568 Clinical Assistant Professor Jennifer Hatfield NS 407
Radiography and Medical Imaging Technology Programs
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Nursing, School of
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