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Indiana University

IU South Bend Departmental Listings

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Financial Aid and Scholarships 
574-520-4357 Information   AI 116
574-520-5561 FAX 
574-520-4454 Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services  Cathy Buckman AI 247D
574-520-4492 Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships  Jill Bertrand AI 120
574-520-4490 Associate Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships  Cyndi Lang AI 122
574-520-4483 Financial Aid & Scholarships Administrator/Counselor  Teresa Berger AI 121
574-520-4608 Financial Aid Administrator & Data┬áSpecialist  Kathy S Miller AI 123
574-520-5590 Customer Service Representative  Melissa A Pace AI 116B
574-520-4407 Financial Aid Specialist  Louann W Racz AI 116A
574-520-4457 Financial Aid Administrator  Emily Hoover AI 119
574-520-5567 Financial Aid Administrator  Corey Long AI 124