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Indiana University

IU South Bend Departmental Listings

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Information Technologies
574-520-5555 Help Desk   DW 1245
574-520-4163 Fax Machine   AI 241B
574-520-4163 Fax Machine   NS 0067
317-274-3022 Chief Information Officer (CIO)  Beth Van Gordon IT 225 (IUPUI)
574-520-4463 Chief Information Officer (CIO)  Beth Van Gordon AI 241B (IUSB)
574-520-5566 Administrative Assistant  June Hall AI 241B
Telecom and Infrastructure
574-520-4473 Director, Telecom and Infrastructure  Phil Mikulak NS 0070E
574-520-4300 Manager, Telecommunication Systems  Kevin Ahlgrim NS 0049D
574-520-5155 Telecom Specialist  VACANT NS 0049F
User Support and System Administration
574-520-5218 IT Executive Director, and Director of User Support  Paul Sharpe NS 0070A
574-520-4466 Operations Programmer  Craig A Schroeder NS 0069E
574-520-4234 Manager, Support Center, Consulting and Individual Services  Sue Baker DW 1245A
574-520-5519 Applications Support Consultant  Rebecca Hartman DW 1245
574-520-5562 Applications Support Consultant  Kyle Paulk DW 1245
574-520-4891 Applications Support Consultant  Phil A Suphal DW 1245
574-520-4813 Senior Manager, Systems Administration  Jeff Stahl NS 0070C
574-520-4274 Systems Support Consultant  Jake De Poy NS 0067B
574-520-5510 Systems Support Consultant  Dan Finch NS 0067A
Micro Computer & Hardware Support
574-520-4859 Director, Micro Computer & Hardware Support  Mike Fletcher NS 0070D
574-520-4682 Applications Support Consultant  Gary Allison NS 0040
574-520-4219 Applications Support Consultant  Andy T Evans NS 0040
574-520-5594 Hardware Specialist/Consultant  George Quinton NS 0040
574-520-5065 Asset Coordinator, Inventory Specialist  Kevin Jackson NS 0040
Instructional Media Services
574-520-4806 Director, Instructional Media Services  James Yocom NS 075B
574-520-4141 Manager, UITS Project and Communications  Kathleen Weidner NS 075A
574-520-5550 Manager, Media Services  Joel B Langston DW 1145
574-520-5558 Collaborative Tech Consultant  Joe Haase DW 1145
574-520-4599 Manager, Classroom Technology  Jason Sykes NS 0070F
574-520-4160 Classroom Technical Consultant  Hassan Mahamat NS 0038
Web Services
574-520-5516 Director, Web Technical Services  Dorlita Blakely NS 037A
574-520-4877 Web Development Consultant  Dan O'Bryant NS 0065